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  1. Hi John and thanks for replying. Sorry I meant to say it was the 250PX not the 300P. Again, any help appreciated and I'll then go and dig myself a hole.
  2. Hi all A couple of years ago I managed to get a bargain Skywatcher Skyliner 300P which came with the standard 10mm & 25mm and an additional x2 Barlow. After speaking to a friend about eyepieces recently I feel the need to upgrade and replace mine. I've tried scanning the forums to get an idea of the best ones to get but I'm struggling. WH only went up to an 8" for his valid reasons and much as I tried to do the workings out I'm still unsure. Thanks for any help. Clint.
  3. Hi and welcome Zoomer I'm up in Ayr for a wedding next month. Shame there'll be no room for my dob.
  4. Hi there from Wiltshire!
  5. Clint C

    Hi all.

    Welcome to the forum Slim.
  6. Hi Dave. Wow, Spain, nice... I'm so jealous of your dark skies, there's far too much light polution where I am.
  7. Nice one Patrick, I've joined the group. Will peruse later.
  8. I can't wait, apparently we're due clear skies in our area tonight.
  9. Thanks folks, you're all too kind... I got home from work and aligned the two finders with the scope using an aerial on a distant roof. That's one job out of the way. I managed a sneek peek at the moon earlier just before sunset and before the clouds came in using the supplied 25mm EP, this gave me some nice detail on an almost full moon. My eldest lad (aged 9) had a look also, his words summed it up... "that's awesome" he said. Hopefully tomorrow night will be clear of cloud.
  10. lol, yup, got the box of clouds also. Re: January, I came along with a friend and his girlfriend, there was a couple of non society chaps there with their scopes, one had a refractor, another had a SW Heritage 130P flextube on the ground, that was impressive and for a long time I thought about getting one of those, there was also a helpful society guy with a full singing and dancing Celestron CPC 800, me and him were the last to leave, I left @ 10:30 coz I couldn't feel my face anymore and he was still there. So I'm guessing you must be the guy that came with his daughter? Thanks again to all for the welcome.
  11. It is indeed the very same Rusty. Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Clint.
  12. Hi all. I'm a newbie to all of this. Always had an interest in astronomy but did nothing about it until now... I blame Brian Cox, he made me do it luv. Anyway, seeing the guy demonstrating the dobsonian to Jonathan Ross on "Stargazing Live" I thought that looked like the kind of scope for me, simple and functional. Of course, having no idea of what was possible to see for myself posed a problem, I didn't want to purchase something that disappointed or would need upgrading immediately. I then rang a certain astronomy shop in the Podium, Bath where the friendly owner suggested I go along to the next Wiltshire Astronomy Society viewing session around the back of the Red Lion in Lacock, well I didn't need asking twice. Along I went with a mate and basically got an idea from the once again friendly folk there of what was possible. This was in January so it was very cold which may have accounted for the low numbers that turned out. Anyway, I then kept an eye out on astrobuysell and two days ago I collected my first telescope, a second-hand Skyliner 250-PX dobsonian with additional RDF, I understand that I won't be disappointed with this scope . I'm now waiting for the clouds to clear. Clint.
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