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  1. Hello, I see some people on the forum have seen supernovas. They have obviously been seen in other galaxies (or the people seeing them are a few hundred years old). Is it easy to see them? how bright are they? how often do visible ones occur? Thank you
  2. Wow, I never knew you could do this. This will be so so so so so useful. I cannot thank you enough lol. Thank you:)
  3. Hello, Does anyone know if its possible to mirror the image in stellarium so it will show what you will see through a reflector telescope. Im forever mirroring the image in my mind while observing and its getting annoying when star hopping. If it is possible, how do you do it? Thank you.
  4. Hello, I sometimes see in peoples signatures, next to other catalogues like the messier calalogue and the lunar 100, a catalogue for double stars. My question is, what are the most famous and well known of these catalogues and where can I find a list of them? Thank you.
  5. Right, if you look at the image on top, you will notice saturn. The galaxy is located under saturn. Look at the 2nd image and find the star named algorab. It is in the constellation under the sombrero galaxy. now look at the 3rd image and you will see to the right and to the bottom right, two groups of stars each with a line of 3. Now look back to the 2nd image and find these two lines of stars. All you need to do now is to find the star algorab in the finder, and then go up (north) until you find these lines of stars. Remember if your scope is a reflector the image will be mirrored (but you probably know that) Good luck:)
  6. I am so annoyed my alarm didnt wake me up last night a 4:00 to see the ring neb. it was such a good night. maybe next time.
  7. As it was the clearest day of the year yesterday (in my opinion)and the start of the easter holidays, i had to camp downstairs and view the virgo cluster for the first time. I have to wait for virgo to come around to the south of my house at about 1:30 to veiw it outside. Anyway, i started off with the sombrero galaxy, very easy star hop from Algorab. It showed its distinctive characteristics very clearly in my telescope. Next i started on virgo, working my way up from M61 and M49, to M85. I found all of these galaxies fairly faint and could not really tell which ones were stightly brighter. The best spot was around M86 where i could fit about 8 very faint galaxies in the FOV, that was just unbeleivable. To my joy, about half the street lights went off at about 2:00 making fair bit of difference to the detectability of the galaxies. I cant wait to go to a dark sky site. Next i went after to two glubulars in hercules and then two open clusters in cygnus. Wow, M13 was my first ever globular cluster. It was a small bright vortex of stars against the dark background. Just imagn living on a planet just outside a globular cluster and at night, the sky coming alive with a huge swath of bright stars with a dense core. I had meant to wake up again at 4:00 to see the ring nebular but the amizing thoughts of far away galaxies and clusters made me sleep right through my alarm. Anyway, it was a very productive observing session and one i will remember for a long time.
  8. Its a good idea to buy or make some sort of eye patch (the ones that pirates wear). With this you can protect your observing eye when you go inside of use a computer, and you can also put it on the other eye when you are observing so you dont have to squint as bad.
  9. I like to have stellarium next to me when im observing. it really helps in star hoping. I use low power (x30) to find them but because of the small size of my scope (5 inch) i find that i can only boost the magnification up if it is a bright object, if its an object below (or above, it depends which way you look at it) a magnitude of say 8, there is no point, the image will become dimmer and less defined.
  10. I saw the owl nebular for the first time yesterday showing up as a small circlular grey patch in my 5 inch reflector. I live on the edge of a town so the LP isnt too bad.
  11. I'm exited about viewing the virgo cluster for the first time tonight. It sound like i'm in for quite a treat.
  12. The weather was good yesterday so I went out side into my garden where I can now see leo rising above my house and had anouther look at the triplet without the moon, and sure enough, as many of you have suggested, they were alot clearer and more defined. I also managed to find the other triplet of Messier galaxies in Leo. Tommorow when im on school holidays im going to stay up and wait for virgo to come around to the south so i can tot up my messier total with the many galaxies:).
  13. I have noticed a build up of dust on my telescope's mirrors and was wondering if it would be a good idea to use a hairdryer to get rid of the dust. This is probably a stupid question, (better to be safe than sorry) but will using a high power setting on the hairdryer damage the optics in anyway? Also, if i am de-dewing my scope, is it not a good idea to use the "hot" setting on the hairdryer because of the heat currents it may cause, affecting viewing? Sorry for stupid questions.
  14. I have owned a 130p heratige dobsonian for the past two months and feel that the time may have come to perform the dreaded first collimation:eek:. I have taken a picture down the focuser and am hoping someone may be able to tell me what i need to do. I have noticed that the secondary mirror support is not lined up with the center of the primary mirror, is this important? Thank you, Laurie.
  15. I see what you meen about it being pricey Dan, £74 for the 6th edition:eek:. Looks a good book though. Thank you Dan, and to the other people i havent said thank you to in the thread yet:)
  16. I really like andy's shot glass collimation video. I was finding astro babies one a little difficult to follow because of all of the infomation but it is still very useful. Thankyou kniclander for the recommendation
  17. I would like to know how well light pollution filters work aswell. Sorry i can really offer any advise.
  18. I have this scope and am very pleased with it. You get a lot of aperture for the money. Dont be too worried about the circular helical focuser, you just need to put a bit of oil on it and it runs nice and smooth without it jerking.The 1 secondary mirror support rather than the normal 4 is fine. It is attatched strongly and is made from metal. The body is basicaly all made of metal so is strong and not a toy. Any other questions, just ask. Laurie.
  19. Thank you very much for your recomendations. I will hopefully be looking to buy a few of these soon. Thank you
  20. I agree, its a very good time for galaxies. Pitty the seeing is not great at the moment. That image is fantastic, but 8 hours of collected light, thats insane:eek:.
  21. Hello, I have got into astronomy, learnt all the constellations, got a telescope and seen a good number of DSO's. Now I want some good astronomy books that will show me how to find objects in the night sky, key facts and what to expect from them in the eyepiece, and some general observing tips. I know that people rate "turn left at Orion" highly, but some people think that it aimed at the beginner, (which I am of course), but I would like something a little more thorough and long lasting. Thank you kind people of SGL, Laurie.
  22. I had a look at Bode's galaxies, M81 and M82 tonight and they seemed to have increased in brightness because i had been viewing galaxies in the leo triplet which were almost non existant in my scope. I think im getting the hang of spotting dso's now.
  23. Good point, I didnt actually realise the moon had risen, I was observing at around 8:30 before going down to watch wonders of the universe. Some of the facts in that episode made me laugh. If you squashed all humans up into neutron star matter, it would be the size of a small pebble. And if you dropped that pebble it would go straight through the earth. lol.
  24. Thanks Mark, I'll try to find them next time the weather is clear as well as the other galaxies in the Virgo cluster.
  25. Last night i tried to observe the leo triplet. The seeing conditions were not good with hazy cloud in the sky and quite bad light pollution. The only place I can observe the eastern sky is through my bedroom window (I am young and cannot drive). I wasnt expecting much but did actually see the two messier galaxies through my 5 inch reflector. They were admittedly the faintest grey fuzzy i think it is possible to see. I was wondering why the star on the edge of m66 at a magnitude of 9.8 was brighter than m66 itself at a magitude of 9.0. Is this because the galaxy is more spread out. Anyway, I can now tick off two more Messier objects (sort of) Laurie.
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