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  1. Very nice. I have pretty much the same scope as you and tried taking my first picture of saturn a few days ago but could only manage a small yellow smuge.
  2. Yes, i'd love to see that, especially if i was observing something bright like to moon so i could see the hot vapour trails disturb the atmosphere and consequently the image, and then watch as the turbulance settles back down.
  3. Its quite common ( for me atleast) to be looking at objects in the sky with my scope and suddenly a satallite goes shooting across the FOV. Its quite off putting and quite tempting to follow.
  4. The only moons i have seen with my 5 inch reflector have been Titan and surprisingly Iapetus. Although it is no one of the top four brightest moons of saturn, its distance from the planet makes it easier (for me) to pick up because the reduction in glare from saturn.
  5. wow, Rik, that image is amazing, so much detail. I think i am going to have to get some of that stuff
  6. I love this idea. it made me laugh alot.
  7. Yes that waas titan you were seeing. i just checked on stellarium. remember that titan is actually to the right of the planet because you scope is a reflector. it waas cloudy here last night so couldnt see super moon:(
  8. Thats one lucky farmer. I to was observing saturn on that date. this atmosphere wasnt the best.
  9. I see on RikMcRae's picture that he's only got a about 1/4 of his scope covered with the baader film. Is this because the image is too bright? Is there any image degradation doing this?
  10. When you buy the Baader film, how many sheets does it have? I've been researching it and cant seem to find the answer.
  11. I'm annoyed that i didnt get up in the middle of the night on the ferry journey to spain last year. That would have been a sight to behold at a bortle scale rating of 1 !
  12. Yes, I have pretty much the same scope as you and am interested in viewing the sun. I think the baader solar film is recomended but I am not sure what the best option is. Also, with the baader solar film you can make seperate filters for your bino's and a camera.
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