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  1. I thought the CG5 was the equivalent to the HEQ5. It does indeed have the 2 inch steel legs. Nice bit of kit and I got the OTA effectively for free when I bought it when Celestron were having a special offer on the Advanced GT series, Best, George
  2. I had a problem getting the rings to fit, they are the wrong radius and to tight. I don't fancy spreading them out for fear of cracking them. The spacer idea is fine if the radius is right., Best, George
  3. Thanks for the link to Telescop Services, I'd already checked them out bu their solution would end up costing as much as the scope itself, so not really an option, Thanks anyway, George
  4. Still looking for a set of tube rings for my 10 inch dob. Any further thoughts? Thanks, George
  5. Just 5 adapters from the batch left, and I have 2 brand new MC2 zooms with adapters, George
  6. The autofocuser works fine for me, bought a second to use on my 10 inch Revelation dob. Thinking about getting the shoestring....
  7. Hi all, Just bought my second one from flo, now have to fix it to my 10 inch Revelation. Absolutely no wobbles once it is on and great while the battery holds up. Can't manually override but an allen key will disconnect the drive if you want to go to manual.
  8. Thanks for the advice on the mount guys, I'll try it out first before investing in an EQ6 which I'm sure I'll need. Any ideas on tube rings?
  9. Thanks Malcolm, I've got the celestron advanced goto which I think is the same as the heq5 pro. Any idea where to get rings or will I have to make some up myself?
  10. Just got myself a 10 inch revelation dob and bought skywatcher rings and dovetail thinking they should fit. Wrong. Luckily Martin at flo took them back for a refund, prompt and very helpful, thanks. However he couldn't suggest an alternative solution. Has anyone out there done this and was it worthwhile? Anyone got a solution to the problem? Thanks
  11. Any ideas on where to get tube rings to fit a 10 inch dob? Tried the skywatcher ones on my revelation dob and they don't fit? Anyone else tried this out, mounting a dob on an eq5 or 6?
  12. I agree, a zoom is perfect for grab and go convenience or gauging your viewing style. If it's a good one you will use it more because it's also convenient. The baader sounds good but I use a nikon mc2 with a converter for astro work and the nikon optics are great. You have to choose between convenience and fov at the wider settings, but convenience wins for me.
  13. You will succumb, its inevitable. Looks like I'll be using my dob as a dob for now, until I figure a way to mount it to my celestron mount. Flo very prompt with the refund on my incompatible skywatcher stuff, thanks Martin.
  14. Hi all, I've used this Nikon fieldscope zoom on my setup and it is a cracker. Pin sharp and decent enough FOV at higher mag, a bit tight at the wider end. Just had some proper adapters made in black anodized aluminium with filter threads. It makes mounting a lot less Heath Robinson and a lot more secure. I've got a few extra that I can offer to anyone here who has a Nikon Fieldscope and would like to use their eyepiece for astro work, All the best, George
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