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  2. As Ombos said,try to find some place you feel comfortable ,NOT a local park for example ,which will be full of drunks etc.I usually travel to a rural location with no people around.It's also nice to be able to set up right next to your car.
  3. Welcome,plenty of great advice on these forums,enjoy!
  4. That's the thing with this hobby,couple of weeks of rain(or months!) makes you want to give it all up,in fact I just moved house and I have no view at all from my garden so...
  5. I've read it 3 times already,it's brilliantly written
  6. Nice report Neil,the Skywatcher Dob must be a cracking big scope!
  7. With the light pollution in my home location most of my observing has been done away from home,usually take my wife with me,flask of tea and go for it!
  8. I always had good service from them also.
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