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  1. The universe is expanding, and accelerating, but not from a fixed point, it's expanding equally, and everywhere. I don't fully understand this myself, but I have watched and read it a few times. The constellations have changed, Halley (of comet fame) discovered that old star charts were slightly wrong compared to his view of the sky. If you are at the centre of a bubble, looking at a square drawn onto the inside wall from your perspective, and the bubble doubled in size, it would still look like a square, but it would be bigger. If you were not in the centre, but instead in a random point within the bubble, the same square shape could be interpreted as lots of different shapes, depending on your perspective. Also, because the universe is expanding ridiculously slowly in time relative to us, we can't see constellations changing overnight, it will be a gradual process. Add to that the fact that the earth is rotating on it's axis, while orbiting the sun, while orbiting the galaxy, means that over time, the stars will change places. That hubbub over a 13th astrology constellation came about because of a misunderstanding between the divisions of the sky as 360 degrees divided into 12 "sheets" to represent a month each, for calenders/horoscopes, and the actual constellations, and their location in the sky. The fuss was because the pole star has changed since the system was thought up thousands of years ago, because of the earth's rotational axis moving(albeit very small, as the Pole star is far away a small move in distance here looks a lot more dramatic further way[think of a lever]). I hope some of this makes sense, I don't have any formal qualifications (yes it's true), so this knowledge is mostly picked up from books, Brian Cox and other TV programs.
  2. I thought last week's episode, for a prime time Sunday night was pretty heavy on the physics side of things, and I enjoyed it very much; there are no other shows like it. Tonight's episode was better I would say, more interesting and prettier to look at. I pre-ordered the Blu-ray and bought the book too. Yes, I'm a fanboy. Of a scientist. Who's real. And alive.
  3. Cool. I have been using my dad's binoculars for the past few weeks, I'll just stick with them. =) Thanks.
  4. This story is from 2009, and most of you will probably know, but cool nonetheless. Astronomers name Scottish park one of world's best stargazing sites | Science | The Guardian
  5. Would you recommend this as something to get to tide me over until I save up enough pennies to get a "proper" telescope?
  6. Awesome reading man, thanks! The sound of the pulsar is so cool. I will definitely need to go through it again when I'm not as tired. Bookmarked!
  7. Thanks for the replies, I'm just tootling around looking at stuff. Quite alot of reading to get through!
  8. And this is exactly where I will start my telescope adventure. Thanks for the link!
  9. The poster above missed out "Cosmic Girl" from the Jamiroquai list. That was the first one I though of. Cygnus X-1 - Rush MC Hawking - The Big Bizang (amazing) The Joe Satriani album Is There Love in Space? Joe Satriani - Surfin' with the Alien Joe Satriani - Redshift Riders Devin Townsend - Hyperdrive (The whole Ziltoid The Omniscient album is about an evil space emperor) One of my fave songs, from my fave band. Solo's awesome. Dream Theater - Under A Glass Moon
  10. Hi there! Astronomy newbie here, looking for info, chat and inspiration. Planning on getting my first 'scope soon, so I will be asking loads of dumb questions and hopefully one day I'll be able to return the favour. Cheers, Craig
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