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  1. What was the 1st bit of kit you bought for your astromaster 130? i have only had mine a day and am still new to it all but have read a lot about people buying barlow lenses and new eye peices, just wanted a but of feedback
  2. Not tried that one mate but will look it up now
  3. This is a little tip for newbies like myself who own i phones/pads, there is a handy little app called star chart, the app uses the phones GPS so just hold the phone to the sky and it maps out the stars and tells you exctly what you are looking it, i found saturn in just a couple of seconds and then tracked it with my scope, very helpful indeed if you are just starting out like me.
  4. I have discovered how **** the finder scope is, i couldnt even find the moon with it lol, after many hours of messing about with it last night i managed to see saturn and its rings (wow) although not in any detail, i don't think i done too bad considering ive never even touched a scope before today. For some reason i cant see anything when using the 20mm EP so am having to try and find everything using the 10mm which i beleave is harder?
  5. Brilliant! cant wait to check it out, do you think i need to invest in some better quality eye pieces or do you think the standerd ones supplied will be ok?
  6. Can i really see Saturns rings with a astromaster 130EQ? Just bought my 1st scope today and am still new to it all.
  7. stu2212


    Hi I am a newbie and have just bought my first scope (astromaster 130 EQ MD) im hoping to get all my info and tips on this forum to get me up and running
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