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  1. I find www.heavens-above.com and www.n2yo.com really good for tracking International Space Station and other satellite objects, had a good pass of the ISS last night
  2. It's amazing how much better my viewing is with a proper collimated pair of binos, I was getting rather frustrated with my first pair as I kept having to squint! I was able to see the moons of Jupiter very clearly with my first pair I couldn't see them at all
  3. Saw Jupiter the other night, was really bright through the bins. Unfortunately I've had to send my bins back to Rother Valley Optics as they out of collimation (thought it was a bit strange everything I saw was in double ) just waiting to get my replacement pair now. I'm itching to get a scope but I want to make sure I know what I'm doing with bins first
  4. All I can say is amazing definately worth the wait, could make out the rings but for me it was just knowing what that little dot in the sky was. Shame it was there and gone all too quickly, fingers crossed the sky stays clear, could be a really good night for stargazing!
  5. Google sky maps if you have an android phone, I'm forever stealing my other halfs phone just so I can use this nifty gadget
  6. My first few attempts at shooting the iss and discovery together. Light pollution spoils it a bit though Been a real treat to see it everynight
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