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  1. I'm looking for a good all rounder scope (preferably with the Goto feature), I have about £900 saved so far. I'd like to do a bit of astrophotography, but also eyepiece viewing is equally important too. Portability is a must. A lot of people say dobs are no good for astrophotography, but what about a goto dob with tracking? This guy seems to be doing ok with his goto dob. Anyone here with a goto dob tried astrophotography?
  2. Thanks for your replies, but I really need something that will collapse down and roll up small so I can put it on the back of my motorbike. The chairs here don't seem quite portable enough.
  3. I've been looking for a light and portable chair for observing with my bins, although most camping chairs seat you upright (I need to be at a much lower angle to prevent a stiff neck the following day). I wonder what other people are using. Any suggestions would be great.
  4. I'm considering one of these just now, looks bigger than I thought though
  5. Since the 200p/EQ5 isn't up to astro photography, what about This? It's way over my budget, and means I won't be able to afford it for a good few months, but seems it's the only way I'll get good photos of the night sky. I just hope it's worth it. I hope it's not too heavy to carry around too.
  6. After looking closer at the sky maps, I'm almost convinced they were M36 and M38, since they were both in the same field of view. M35 and M37 are spaced too far apart.
  7. Maybe they didn't leave, after wiping the dinosaurs out, we found this place habitable. Or maybe the way we send and receive data is different to the way the 'little green men' do it
  8. I decided to keep my original pair and live through the defect. I didn't want to risk another pair of seconds being delivered, and really couldn't go without. As a potential customer, this ordeal has certainly cemented why I won't be buying my next telescope from there. However, I'm not going to name and shame for one isolated incident. Anyway, I tightened the adjustment screw and reduced the wobble. If only there were some Revelations available when I bought mine, as they were my initial choice. That said, I did have a really satisfying night last night with the bins and some really dark skies. That was of course until the moon reared its huge bright head and ruined all the fun.
  9. I was out tonight with my 15x70's, a remarkably clear night in Scotland it was too! Somewhere between Gemini and the top of Auriga lie two fuzzy objects horizontally aligned. I thought these were clouds at first, but they remained stationary, so I'm assuming these were more likely clusters, I could sort of see some clustering going on in the left one. The one on the right looked slightly bigger and fluffier than the one on the left. Anyone have any ideas which clusters they could have been?
  10. This is probably a ridiculous question to most, but if I look at a star through my 15x bins they're the same size, why do they not appear 15x bigger? The moon and planets increase in size, so why not stars?
  11. I got my replacement bins through today and they're even worse than the ones I initially bought. The wheel has even worse flat spot and the rubber coming away, and the rubber coating also feels loose around the objective lens tubes. Both pairs suffer from chromatic aberration. I have both pairs here and I'm to return one, so I'm thinking of sending the newer (worse) pair back.
  12. I now know what an OTA is, but I've seen so many acronyms lately and find it very confusing to keep track of a block of text that relies heavily on them. Here's an example from another site What the hell is PE? There is a list on Wikipedia, but PE wasn't listed. If anyone could list out all the popular acronyms used in these forums, it would be much appreciated.
  13. If it's the weight that makes the difference to the stability, then I may as well get an EQ5 and stick a sandbag on the tray.
  14. since there's an offer of a meal, I'm assuming there is a venue for this, but it doesn't say where?
  15. You won't get hubble standards like that, but you should see something there.
  16. One minute people are saying the equipment I'm looking to buy won't be up to any decent standard, and I need to spend thousands, next you're saying I can do it on a £20 webcam. Now I'm confused. I take it my signature is not showing up.. this is my current kit: Canon 7D Canon 450D SW 130M + Clock Drive Celestron bins (15x70)
  17. Orion & Pleiades are good starters. Let us know how you get on. Look on youtube for Zooming on the Orion Nebula so you know where to look.
  18. As I said in my first post, I only have £500 to play with. I just checked the price of the mounts I'd need for astrophotography, and the cost is astronomical in comparison (excuse the pun). But this is somewhat putting me off making this investment, and just sticking to the gear I have now (in my signature), and forgetting the whole astrophotography thing altogether (no point if I'm not going to get a decent image out of it). A bit disappointed, but at least I didn't waste £500 on a load of useless gear.
  19. Is the guidescope different to Goto? If so, would I need a Goto setup for it to work, or would a standard tracker work?
  20. Another question; what is an OTA + Guidescope? I've seen OTA mentioned around the forums quite a few times, but still trying to work out what it is. Also, are the other mounts you mention any heavier or more expensive? I'm thinking portability here, as well as sticking within my price bracket, which is a stretch on my budget as it is.
  21. Thanks for your replies, these are all things to consider.. If I've bought the stuff I need (scope, coma corrector and collimator), where would I be spending 'much cash', and why do you consider this 'frustrating'? I would have thought it would have been a rather relaxing and rewarding pastime.
  22. Maybe there's been many more. How would we know? If the next nearest BB was so far away from our known universe, making our universe look like a mere pin head in the far reaches of space, we would never even be aware of it. Some scientists say the big bang was not big and not even audible.
  23. I'm really interested in astrophotography and I'm considering a Skywatcher 200p on a EQ5 mount with motor drive. Is this the best scope in this price bracket for the job, or are there better suited scopes out there for the money? I have around £500 to spend.
  24. Sorry to jump in on the thread, but what would bad collimation look like through a pair of binoculars?
  25. Thank you, that answers my question. I think I'll definitely be going for the mount over aperture.
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