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  1. I went to set up my EQ2 mount for my scope today, but when I went to tighten the clamps for the leg extensions, the locking knob broke off in my hand. The clamp itself is riveted to the leg so I can't even take it off to repair. To be honest, all the clamps sounded brittle as I was tightening them. I've been looking to buy a new set of legs, but to no avail (unless I pay more than the whole setup is worth). I wondered if anyone knows a way to fix them that doesn't look too shabby, as I was looking to give this away as a gift. I'd hate to scrap the whole setup for the sake of one bracket.
  2. Yes, I'm looking to do deep space stuff. From what I can make out here, the Orion would be the better option, since it is on a heavier mount and a shorter tube? I wonder though, what's F4.9 mean on the Orion (and how do I work out what the F stop is on the refractor?). I know what the F stop means in photography; the lower the F stop the bigger the aperture, smaller depth of field and the more light it lets in.. I'm presuming this is the same with a telescope?
  3. The Orion Reflector is 153mm x 750 (F4.9) on a "Skyview Deluxe EQ" The Skywatcher refractor is 90mm x 910mm on an EQ2 (this mount is a lot lighter than the Orion one) I have motor drives on both mounts
  4. I'm wondering which scope I should attach my camera to for best results. The scopes I have are as follows: Orion Skyview Deluxe 6" EQ Reflector. Skywatcher Evostar 90mm Refractor. Once I get set up with some better gear, I'll be using the refractor as a guidescope, but for now I'm wondering which scope will yield the best results? I have motor drives for both.
  5. It was right overhead when I viewed it the other night (or at least attempted to).. I think that's why it was hard to find; a virtually vertical scope on an EQ mount isn't the easiest to navigate. I'll try again tonight.
  6. You would if you were buying a scope, I've seen many Skywatcher 200Ps on EQ5 or 6 mounts (much more expensive than the OTA).. The mount is a very important part as you need the stability to get a good solid view, otherwise you may as well be balancing them on the top of your car, which you can do for free.
  7. That's exactly what I was looking for.. I've just purchased a T2 Eos ring for £7.99 including postage. Many thanks to everyone for your replies
  8. Seems a lot more expensive than the ones I linked, and not much info on the differences between T1 and T2.
  9. So basically this and this are both the same (except the one named "T2" is cheaper)? Sorry for all the questions, but I want to be absolute before buying. I'm a hands-on type guy and would much rather go into a shop and screw it on myself before buying, but I have nowhere local that sells them. So many times in the past I've bought the wrong items online, but unfortunately it seems the only option.
  10. So if it's a standard T thread, why name it T2? This is where I'm confused
  11. unfortunately the writing is on top of the 3 stars that stick out of the side in this pic, but they seem to lead to the galaxy. What technique did you use to get there?
  12. I've been looking for this with both binoculars and through the telescope, but my attempts have always been fruitless. I can see the constellation with my eyes, and roughly where the galaxy is (apparently at the end of the 3 stars that stick out the side of it), but just can't seem to get it in the scope. Is there a secret to this or do I need more powerful gear?
  13. If you want cheap and good quality (a rare combination), look for a redsnapper tripod. the legs are good heavy duty, but my only advice would be to spend a little extra on the head. I've been using one for photography before getting into astronomy. I was delighted to find I could use it with my bins too. http://www.redsnapperuk.com/camera-accessories/RS-283_tripod_and_RSH-24_3-way_head_.html
  14. Apologies, I meant to put a question-mark after my question. Unfortunately, it seems I'm too late to edit my post now. I wish I'd noticed this sooner, no wonder I'm not getting any replies.
  15. It seems the T2 adaptor is a lot cheaper (not sure why if the T2 gives more options). Would this work with the adaptor pictured below: **Trying to edit this so the word THIS indicates it is a link, but seems the forum software doesn't show it up as being one. I thought it would be polite to truncate the link, but I think it will be missed unless I put the link in full: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Adapter-Mount-Canon-1000D-Cameras/dp/B004UT6DJY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1319196334&sr=8-1
  16. I have just purchased an Orion Skyview Deluxe 6" EQ scope. Great scope! However, I have read this is a good scope for astrophotography too. However, unlike my Skywatcher scopes, there's no thread for a T-adaptor.. So I've been looking online and there seems to be a T-ring and a-T2 ring. I have no idea if I can even attach any of these to my scope (the T-Ring certainly has nothing to screw to), and don't want to just buy a load of stuff in the hope something will eventually fit, so I thought I'd ask here. Maybe someone has the same scope (or similar) and can help out. Many thanks in advance
  17. I'd have thought there would be some Hubble images by now, can't seem to find anything on this on the NASA website either. It's almost like a huge event in space has been brushed under the carpet. Really keen to see some closer images of this.
  18. The awful thing about it is that someone is making a LOT of money out of other people's misfortunes. Choose your own star, at least that way you know it will be visible with the naked eye. PS. I've just claimed ownership of the entire universe, and I have the post-it note to prove it.
  19. I have to say, I cringe whenever I get told 'I've got a star named after me'.. I just think 'that's another sucker scammed'. I think I'm going to go into business, anyone want to buy a star cluster? Special offer, only £200, I'll even throw in a bit of nebulosity for good measure. Galaxies are £500.
  20. After hearing from a few friends and seeing various postings on facebook, It seems there's people getting stars named after themselves, they are convinced it is official too. This would mean all the star maps would need to be updated with various names that have been re-registered to, surely? From what I've heard it costs around £30. To me this sounds like a huge scam, but maybe someone will tell me otherwise?
  21. I've seen this link referred to at so many websites in my searches, but it just seems to be a picture of a new moon with a cloud through it (which isn't clickable). Am I missing something, or do I need to click somewhere else on the page? I have tried the links under the picture but I can't understand the language. I can't see what all the fuss is about this site, doesn't seem to amount to anything.
  22. I'm contemplating ordering an 'outstanding mug'.. I would much prefer a flask though if these are on the horizon? A good thick hoodie in black would look great too; at a starparty, I don't think anyone will see the t-shirt under all the layers.
  23. ok, I'm pretty new to the whole thing of imaging, I have some basic kit, but looking to upgrade. My basic kit is listed in my signature. My current scope & mount is useless - the OTA (SW 130M) will not focus with a DSLR attached to it, and the mount is a flimsy EQ2. I'm looking for a guide online that will take me through every step of the way; what I need to buy, what the stuff is for and and how to set it all up. Then I need to know how to take a good photo, and process it. Please bear my budget of less than £1000 in mind. I don't mind buying second hand, provided the gear is in pristine
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