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  1. thanks for for info so bigger is better
  2. Top pic very good wish i could get one like that i would be over the moon
  3. Hi all took these lastnight the avi was done on registax 5 and 6 the top one is 6 and bottom is 5 HELP could someone tell me or show me how to get good close ups of planets as some of you have these was taken using x2 barlow and i have x3 barlow
  4. Nothing wrong with that at all good detail wish my saturn was like that...well done
  5. Good detail on all 3 pics ..............
  6. avi of part of moon i got about 1179 frames stacked with registax5 could this have been any better please comment ..
  7. Hi and welcome sgl............
  8. Notts star


    Great pic with out barlow iv not tryed that yet.............:)
  9. Notts star

    07 03 11

    From the album: Astro

  10. Notts star


    From the album: Astro

  11. Notts star


    From the album: Astro

  12. Notts star


    From the album: Astro

  13. Hi all iv been having a spot of bother trying to take saturn again viewing has been not good where i am for weeks lastnight was the best for along time
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