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  1. If its genuine carbon fibre then it won't be fragile! It will only be expensive
  2. 32mm panaview is cracking for the Pleiades! BST explorers are also a good choice for a lower budget. Congrats on the scope
  3. A 32mm skywatcher panaview eyepiece is excellent in this scope for wide field views. You will benefit from eyepiece upgrades but the ones that come with the scope will still give you good views and are a great starting point. There are so many eyepieces to choose from depending on budget and what you plan to view so it's worth taking your time and looking at all the options and getting plenty advice.
  4. There is plenty of detail to be seen. You should be able to make out the ice cap on mars, grs and dark barges aswell as the storm belts on Jupiter and much much more! You won't be disappointed to put it simply
  5. That's 5 mins from me, maybe I could put it in my garden! Do you think they make BBQ covers big enough??
  6. Now you will want the whole set! Good choice
  7. Always appears to be green when I look at it too
  8. ecosse

    Milky way

    The pentlands are good but you will like the lammermuirs better
  9. ecosse

    Milky way

    Yeh Jeff I was amazed!! Just out of curiosity when you go right at the fork in the road (left taking you to whiteadder) how far along this road do you go? I drove maybe 1.5-2 miles just until the street lights far in the north went out of view. Is it darker further along the road?
  10. ecosse

    Milky way

    I was surprised how busy it was. There were a good few cars parked up here and there for a few miles along the road, guess it was all the aurora hype
  11. I managed to get my first glimpse of the milky way last night! I took a little drive into the lammermuir hills near edinburgh to see if I could catch any aurora action. I couldn't believe how good the sky looked from there!! Orion was almost starting to get lost among stars, andromeda galaxy was visible to the naked eye and I could make out a faint cloudiness of the milky way! Well chuffed, I will be going back with my scope at some point for sure as the sky is amazing there. Unfortunately no aurora spotted for me as I left about 22.30 although on the bbc website I saw pictures from the lammermuirs last night and it looked epic!!
  12. Nice one! Annoying to find out it was that close and I didn't manage to see it though!!
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