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  1. Not come across those problems as I only used it for 5 minutes. I did wonder about the camera rorating when using the zoom, and I suppose an automatic power down could be problematic. Looks like a visit to the big orange store is required - probably cheaper than a repeat prescription anyway!
  2. I just used an old aspirin container as an adaptor for my first afocal attempt last night. Just cut out the bottom and it fits the camera and 20mm ep quite good. May make a deluxe version by gluing some felt on the inside to get a tighter fit.
  3. My first attempt at photography through the telescope last night was a bit rushed at half time in the football on telly and before the clouds rolled in later in the evening. Used an old Samsung Digimax D53 at auto setting and a 20mm eyepiece with the 12" dob. Here are a couple of the results - I don't know where the glare at the edge of the moon came from; I guess maybe due to grease on the optics somewhere or overexposure. However the focus seems to be reasonable. Next time I will use a higher quality setting on the camera and try a filter on the ep to try and reduce the glare.
  4. lovely pics. How close to the ep do you need to get the lens of the camera? Presumably as close as the eye is for visual? I've never tried any photography, but inspired by the shots above I'm planning to knock together some sort of adaptor for my compact and have a go tonight - clouds permitting
  5. Job done...as you all advised a bit more power was all that it needed and I found it tonight with no problems at all.
  6. Is the Eskimo nebula (ngc 2392) an easy visual object or are filters needed to pick out the nebulosity? I spent ages last night sweeping the area with the 12"Dob using a 32mm eyepiece, but no sign of a nebula! That said, seeing conditions were far from ideal with light haze dimming most M objects which appeared fainter that they did the previous night. Nearby NGC 2420 was easy enough to pick out, but that's a different kind of beast being an open cluster. The benefit of others' experience would be a great help.
  7. Thanks guys thats my next session planned then - out with the pencil and paper. Awaiting clear skies ....... Regards
  8. HI Was looking at the galaxies in Virgo the other night and counted around a dozen by sweeeping through the area. My question is how can I be sure which fuzzy I can see through the eyepiece relates to which messier object. My Norton’s sky map shows the M objects and NGCs all seemingly on top of each other, and I am not sure if the NGCs will also be observable in my 12” Dob. I am thinking of trying to plot the positions of these fuzzies on to a blank sheet of paper using the telrad to get the approximate positions in the sky, and see if any match up with the Nortons or Stellarium – or is there an easier way without using goto (which I don’t have). I think I identified M49, M87, M86, M84, M59, M60 and M89 by galaxy hopping, although I wouldn’t bet the house on it. Advice would be most welcome.
  9. perhaps try slackening the opposite screw first as the vanes will be taught to start with. There will probably not be too much adjustment you can make, just a few mm. Hope this helps and not just stating the obvious
  10. Great headsup Brantuk. Literally saw this post at 7:24, rushed outside to see 2 objects low to the south heading into the murk on the horizon. Presumably the shuttle and ISS are now separated. Woder which was which? Tried looking at Heavens above site earlier (an hour ago) but was unable to acess the site as the server was busy Alan
  11. Hi Tony. In spite of the condition of the mirror I still feel that it is providing good images, but how can you judge?. May get it recoated later in the year but it will do for now. Light pollution not too bad over here, but again it depends where you are in relation to streetlights, same as anywhere else. But at least you do not have to travel too far to find somewhere dark. The last few nights have been great, but the light easterly wind is beginning to build up 'murk' from the adjacent Isle (UK) along the horizon. NW breeze is better to blow it back where it came from:)
  12. likewise Tony, glad to hear your mirrors are holding up. I got a Rev 12" (the version with the big spring tensioners) 4 or 5 years ago. I washed the mirror yesterday as it had been stored in my garage for around 3 years, and it seems to be quite tarnished. I also washed a 6" mirror which had had the same storage conditions and it came up almost spotless. I know the 6" was overcoated, but suspect that the Rev 12" is not. see 'down the tube' comparison photos below.
  13. Good morning folks and thanks for the welcome messages. The cleaning up of the scope, esp the primary mirror did not go as well as planned but that's another story for a different forum. Should be fully collimated and ready to go again tonight. Beautiful morning here and hopeful for another clear evening (or am I tempting fate saying that!)
  14. you don't have to travel very far from the towns and villages to get dark skies. Just as cloudy here as anywhere else though!
  15. Hi I'm a lapsed stargazer having first got interested in the stars, space etc during the sixties and the manned lunar missions. I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks so thought I'd sign up and introduce myself. I watched the ISS pass over last night at around 7pm and was amazed by how bright it was - presumably because it was docked with the space shuttle? This motivated me to get out the 12" Revelation dob which has been gathering dust in the garage for the last 3 years or so and have a quick scan of the skies trying to remember where those DSOs I used to look at were. Managed to find the obvious (M42) and a few others in a haphazzard way. Anyway, off now to get the worst of the gunge of the scope and looking forward to clear skies tonight and a more organised session Cheers Alan
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