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  1. hi and welcome to sgl
  2. tubby

    Hi from Kent

    hi mate welcome to sgl
  3. thanks guys i will try it first sounds like a good scope for 100 quid
  4. just been offerd a meade ext 70 at with goto and tripod how much is it worth secondhand
  5. tubby

    Astro newbie!

    hi matt i only started at xmas cant believe how much i have learnt this forum is great so friendly and advice is top dog mate so welcome to sgl and enjoy
  6. hi kim being new to this game aswell you will find this forum a mind of information
  7. thanks rowan thats just what i was looking for cheers
  8. can anyone help i want to use my fuji s6500fd camera but dont know if i can get a adapter for it the lens cannot be separated from the body but does have a 58 mm thread on the front of the lens
  9. tubby

    hi guys

    i am a 49 year old who got a telescope for xmas now totally hooked
  10. cheers guys for all the help only been stargazing since xmas 2010 totally hooked
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