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  1. Hi I Bought the 127 with the Supatrak mount and handset, I recently purchased a V3 goto handset, constructed an RJ11 to RJ45 cable and now the mount is full goto. So the difference is just in the handset. Will
  2. Thanks for your reply, great simple explanation
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is an adapter to mount a Nikon 3100 DSLR onto a SW Skymax 127 scope?
  4. 3.09 was wrong as you said Peter as it was asking to choose between panoramic and astronomical modes. I also noticed during the upgrade that the voltage from my 12v Maplin adjustable PSU was reported to be about 28 v by the handset so I applied a v 3.35 patch exactly for reporting high voltage. After the patch was applied it now reports a voltage between 16 and 17 volts with the handset in stand alone mode. I need to check what volts are reported when this is powered from the mount. That will be when the clouds clear:-)
  5. Thanks i'll take good advice and ask FLO for their opinionbefore i part with cash. Might be better to get a motorised equitorial for this instead. I just wan't it off the old wooden manual alt-az as that is a reall pain to keep an object in view.
  6. Are there any informal observing groups in the Haslemere (Surrey) area?
  7. I had a look and FLO has some 90 mm skywatcher rings with a skywatcher medium dovetail bracket that I think will do the job, just worried that the skywatcher alt az mount might not cope wih the length of my refractor when slewing for star alignment.
  8. Yes, i was starting to think a new set of riings would be needed as well as a bracket. As a last resort on reuse i will check tosee if i can extract the flat section from the mount, then i can bolt the dovetail bracket to that. The rings on the vixen are strange, the one with the bolt is slightly larger and hence loose. Needs to be compressed the the OTA to make firm. Will
  9. Are there any informal observing groups in the Haslemere (Surrey) area?
  10. Thanks for your reply John, the problem is that that only one of the flat bottoms has a bolt. The mount seems to have slotted into the space between the flat and the tube , instead of bolting onto the bottom of the rings. so looking for a similar bracket that will slot into the space and tightened onto the scope. Will
  11. Hi I was planing to move my vixen custom 80 refractor to my goto az mount. This telescope has standard vixen OTA rings to fix to the manual alt/az mount. Does anyone know if there is a dovetail bracket that i can slot into such rings to allow me to attach to the Skywatcher alt az goto mount? I was looking to re-use as much of the old scope as possible. Will
  12. I would say go for a second hand 150P, always go for a parabolic mirror as the corrected spherical mirrors are really bad. You have a better chance of getting more planet detail as the aperture increases. For portability you can't beat my skymax 127. I think they do a smaller 102 version. Will
  13. Cables made and all working perfectly, now i can ditch my supatrak controller at last! Sadly it is cloudy tonight so i had to test everything indoors... maybe tomorrow. Next step might be get the same mount arrangement for my vixen refractor. regards Will
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