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  1. Finally clear on a night I'm not busy down here in Sussex. Just waiting for the Moon to rise (or the rooftops to shrink, I'm not fussy) now.
  2. I left myself open to that. Or is that just my puerile mind at work? Suffering from the haze here now too.
  3. I blame this song for multiple friendship/relationship breakdowns. I used to be obsessed with it. Lemon Jelly - Space walk is a nice relaxing astro-song.
  4. Looking good down here, and without the wind there's been the last few days it almost feels warm. Almost. Just had my first quick look at M42, now it's a curry and back out again
  5. Thanks a lot John.That'd explain why the couple of times i put the 4mm in I saw nothing then. My thinking at the moment then is to get a mid power EP first since I don't have one at all, and then replace the 25mm and 9mm with something similiar as and when I can.
  6. Oops, while trying to keep as short as possible I knew I'd forget something. Sorry, the focal length is 900mm I did read that primer the other day but as soon as I see numbers my brain turns to jelly, but I'll give it another read now and concentrate properly on it. Thanks for the advice too, I hadn't thought of getting a set but just happened to see them while looking at eyepieces and thought it might be a way of saving a bit of cash but I think you're right that I'd be better hand-picking.
  7. Right, like many on here I've had my first telescope for a month and I'm already thinking of upgrades and would appreciate any advice on what would improve my viewing more. I have a 70mm refractor and it came with 25mm, 9mm and 4mm eyepieces all K which I assume is Kellner. Also a 3x Barlow which I can't tell you much about other than it looks like the cheapest Barlow you could get. So a few options I'm looking at are: A decent Plossl (probably 15-20mm) A decent Barlow Or I did have a look at a couple of eyepiece sets on the FLO website. So which do you think would be more worthwhile for planetary and lunar viewing. Note- Budget is fairly open at the moment as this isn't something I'm buying right now. I have a habit of spur of the moment purchases so thought I'd try and do some forward planning for once. Thanks.
  8. I couldn't resist a quick look at Saturn last night myself. If the wind was anything like it was here you're a braver man than me staying out for over an hour though
  9. Similiar situation here. I found Saturn fairly easily though. Wait until you can see Arcturus in the East (brightest thing out that way) then to the right of that there'll be 2 other bright 'stars' the top one will be Saturn.
  10. Thanks guys, I hadn't even considered that but it was the only thing bright enough to see in the sky so I should have thought of that haha Oh well, had my 1st Saturn viewing at the weekend and I've left the scope outside ready for another go later. Not a bad consolation prize!
  11. I've just had my first attempt at viewing Jupiter. I'm already hampered by houses right in front of me to the west which only give me about 30 mins before it sets behind them but I was wondering how much detail should I be able to get and what I could do to improve it. Scope- Bresser Lyra 70mm refractor Front Lens Ø (Clear Aperture) 70mm Focal Length, Focal Ratio 900mm Standard Eyepiece(s) K-4 / K-9 / K-25mm (31,7mm) and a 3x barlow (plastic, looks very cheap and am assuming it's not ideal) I tried the 25mm and 9mm with and without the barlow and couldn't get anything in the way of detail really? Would a filter help? Better eyepiece? Better barlow? Sorry for the multitude of questions but any help appreciated. Thanks
  12. Same for me a few nights ago Wow doesn't even do it justice. Looks like clear skies tonight so going to try again with more magnification this time.
  13. I switch between silence, my mp3 player and talking to myself. Like someone else said, I can't listen to music while moving around in the dark though.
  14. Thank you. Lots of lovely images but in my opinion the best was saved until last.
  15. V-nec


    I didn't get to see the Cassini division. I spent so much time in awe that by the time the inevitable cloud cover came I hadn't even got down to the smaller eyepieces. Also glad to hear the feeling doesn't go away, I'm looking forward to seeing it many more times
  16. V-nec

    Hello from Sussex

    Thanks for the warm welcome all. I didn't realise there were actually this many friendly people on the internet. Perhaps more of a discovery than anything I'll find in the sky haha
  17. Wow. That's great, very much enjoyed! What's that last image of?
  18. V-nec


    Tonight and last night have been really clear down here so trying to make the most of what will no doubt be a brief window of opportunity. Hope they stay clear for you.
  19. V-nec


    I feel kind of bad that I made a friend sit outside for hours last night with only stars to show for it and tonight I get Saturn in 10 minutes, but I'm sure I'll be forgiven when I do show them.
  20. My first Saturn viewing. Unspeakably happy right now. Last night I learnt a lot of constellations whilst looking for it for about 5 hours, and was sure I was pointing at the right thing but couldn't get it. Today I thought hard about what I'd done wrong and realised I was expecting it to be bigger so was focusing in and/or magnifying too much, turning it into a ringless blob. So tonight pointed it at the very same thing and... behold. It really is amazing. Also saw my first double star (Mizar) while waiting for Saturn to appear but this has eclipsed it completely. I'm now just waiting for it to come out from behind a building to have another look. Apologies for lack of coherence here, very excited.
  21. V-nec

    Hello from Sussex

    Hi and thanks to all. I probably should have said that I'm Mike. I downloaded Stellarium earlier and am confident I was looking in the right place for Saturn and think I know what I was doing wrong so hoping for clear skies and another go tonight. Learned a lot of constellations anyway so it was a productive night. Thanks again for the welcome.
  22. Hi everyone, I've been asking a lot of google recently and it always seems to bring me here so I thought it'd only be polite to sign up. I've been sky watching for a while mainly just with my eyes but occasionally binoculars and decided to get a telescope a few weeks back. With the help of a couple of shops I bought a Bresser Lyra (before doing all the things I should have done like learning the sky etc..) and have tried it out a few times just randomly looking around at the moon and stars. Tried for Saturn tonight with little success but having fun all the same. Anyway, enough rambling, good to meet all you (hopefully patient) folk. Expect many foolish questions in the near future
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