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  1. I'm thinking of getting a small ah battery from here http://www.rapidonline.com/Electrical-Power/Batteries/Lead-Acid/TruPower-Sealed-lead-acid-batteries-SLA/178141
  2. Just a quick update. Had a look at stellarium and rolled the clock back and it looks like it was a satellite Cosmos 1833. Even so still amazing.
  3. Hi tim and welcome. I second Kris and Si "turn left at orion" and download a free copy of stellarium Stellarium
  4. hi and welcome. Nice set up you have.
  5. nexus21

    Hi all.

    Hello and welcome
  6. While observing M42 lastnight I was amazed to see a shooting star pass just under nebular. This was the first time i have seen a meteoroid EVER. Based on I was using a 25mm EP (60x) it looked like a very bright star. How big would you say this was? Andrew
  7. hi and welcome Astrophotography doesn't have to be expensive. I have a philips webcam £15 and adaptor to connect cam-scope £10. from morgans they cost a lot more on auction sites. Haven't used it yet but have seen some great pics using the webcam. If you want to take some long exposures of Deep sky Objects. This can be done with the philips webcam however you need to be good at soldering. (lets say its like taking a shovel to a circuit board). So this is why a DSLR is better but more expensive. Oh by the way if you dont have a netbook/laptop then the webcam will also be expensive. Andrew
  8. Hi and welcome Nice scope.
  9. hi and welcome Celestron say Highest Useful Magnification for your scope is 307x so a 6mm EP will give 325x with 3x barlow. 7mm ep would give 265x with barlow. I normally go up to about 170x however I only use my 25mm EP (60x) when looking at nebular. Remember the higher the zoom the more the tracking will have to be bang on. Andrew
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    hello and welcome
  11. nexus21

    Hi from Cheshire

    Hi and welcome, You could do as I did before purchasing my Celestron 127 SLT goto scope. Have a look on youtube and flickr. There are some excellent examples of what the scopes can offer. I too wanted a small scope that I could take back into the house at night and also with me in my caravan. I would say I'am/was on the tightest budget available started in the price range of £50 I then wanted some features. First a EQ mount, then a simple tracking motor as I wanted to connect a webcam (great way to take pictures basically record a video and use some software to combine the best frames into one picture). Then a goto scope.I ended up paying about £360 for the scope and over the last few weeks spent £120 on bits. Hope this helps Andrew
  12. Hi and welcome Nice first pics. Download a copy of Stellarium from Stellarium Its free and will give you interactive view of the night sky. I (and I'am no expert) don't think it was jupiter once you see jupiter even with modest zoom you will make out its four moons. Incidentally jupiter is the other side of the sun at the moment so you will see it chasing the sun after it sets. However saturn is rising in the east about 7.00pm and is due south about 1.00am. Hope this helps Andrew
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    Hi john and welcome I would say just avoid toy/department stores where their scopes blag 500x 600x. choose a dedicated binocular/telescope store and you will more than be happy with what you purchase. Andrew
  14. Hi Pete and welcome I was like you, trying to get the best scope for the budget available and wondering if a 5 inch aperture is ok. Where I live light pollution and clouds have been a real pain. Many times over the last 6 weeks I’ve looked at M42 Orion nebula and caught only a wispa of a nebula by using averted vision. However about 8.00pm last night WOW. Looked straight at it using a 25mm eyepiece the detail was amazing. So don’t be put off at first and wish you had an 8” or 10” dob. The scope you have is a cracking scope and there’s plenty to discover. Andrew
  15. nexus21

    Hi all.

    Hi and welcome from stoke on trent
  16. Hi and welcome to SGL.
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