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  1. Better than what I got in Shanghai...bupkiss!
  2. Small Grab 'n' Go: C5 on AT Voyager. Large (semi-Grab 'n' Go): C9.25 on CGEM.
  3. UN-BEE-LEEV-A-BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the answer to all my prayers! Both of my grandsons are Lego-holics and this would be the perfect bridge between the two hobbies! Any chance that you took pix as you were building it? If not, maybe you could show some more views from different angles and some close-up details. You might even have a new Lego product prototype there. They might be interested in marketing something like it. What the heck, they've got Lego everything else! You are the man!!!!!!!!!! Well done! Cheers, Gordon
  4. Unbelievable! We have had spectacular nighttime weather for the past week or so here in Shanghai which is most unusual for this usually smoggy-aired city. Even with the omnipresent light pollution, we've been able to get some pretty decent viewing in. Here is a shot of the full moon from the night before last. It is my first full moon photo with my equipment. Not as hyper-crisp as I would prefer, probably due in part to the gale blowing in my open 42nd floor apartment window as I was shooting causing the tripod to vibrate. I love the subtle color variation in the lunar surface. Never imagined it would be that colorful, even in full light. Contrast tweaked in CS5.
  5. In Detroit, we'd call that a gangsta lean!
  6. What a great tool! I've got the bug to move up to 10" or 11" as quick as I can get the green light from my Chief Financial Officer. Not much chance to see anything other than the Moon, Saturn and the brightest stars from here in Shanghai but I'll be back where the air has no lumps in it soon. Thanks for taking the time to document your observations. Cheers, Gordon
  7. Terry, welcome to SGL. You will enjoy it. I know I do. I used to live just down the road from Redditch...in Henley-in-Arden. Loved it. All the best mate! Cheers, Gordon
  8. We use the freebie "Weather Channel" iPad app. Just punch in your location and it'll give you the weather for the next ten days, including radar and lots of other stuff. We live in Shanghai, China and it works great.
  9. Here's a picture of mine all dolled-up and ready to take some pictures. The tripod will be replaced with the Astro-Tech Voyager listed below, when I get back to the USA in a couple of months.
  10. Thank you both for the encouragement. I appreciate it. Amazingly, we got two stellar (sorry) evenings of viewing this week in Shanghai, which is a rarity. I got this shot of the moon and my first image of Saturn. The moon was shot at (I think) 1/120 second. The Saturn shot was at 1/30 second. Contrast & saturation, on both, were tweaked in CS5. I can't beleive I actually got the Saturn image as it was very tiny on the camera display, considering I was using my photo tripod in windy conditions. I did use my RF remote and that obviously helped steady the image gathering system. I've got my wife excited about viewing and moving up to a bigger telescope already! We'll see. I need to crawl a little more.
  11. amillego

    just saying hi

    Welcome Laddie, from a "nearly native son". I'm fairly new to the forum as well but the response to inquiries is great and all are really friendly. Cheers, Gordon
  12. Has anyone out there adapted a digital video (consumer type) to their telescope as a means of capturing images? I'm wondering if I can use my Canon Vixia S10 HD camera with my C5.
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