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  1. Many thanks for the replies, Thankyou also very much to Steve and Adam for your help and great service. It's nice to see some follow up so thank you Regards Dean
  2. Well, this must be a first, but since I took delivery of my 6SE, 2 days ago, we have had nothing but clear skies (and it looks that way for the weekend too!) I will get round to a first light report but what I will say is this, I looked at the moon last night and I can honestly say it was brilliant, I have seen the moon before through a cheaper scope but what got me most was the clarity of the image. Pin sharp and that was using the supplied eyepiece. It really was worth the wait and the money! I am hoping to venture further a field tonight and see how well the sky align works so will let you know how a total beginner to GOTO manages! So if there is anyone out there who is contemplating getting a 6SE, don't wait any longer, treat yourself (and family) they are excellent! A very happy Dean
  3. Thanks everyone, The only problem with using the shaving adapter supplied is the 2 pin holes are in the vertical orientation, the adapter (which is quite heavy) is in the horizontal plane. This is unsafe in my opinion.
  4. Hi everyone., A question for anyone in the UK who has the Celestron Power Tank. Did your unit come with the mains adapter that connected straight to a UK 3 pin socket or did you get a shaver socket adapter to convert from a 2 pin plug to a 3 pin plug? Regards Dean
  5. Thanks everyone, Well the scope arrived no problems and I have everything set up and ready to go! Few clouds tonight as to be expected but no worries as I still need to charge up the power tank anyway. This leads me to a quick question to anyone who owns the Celestron Power Tank. Mine has come with a mains charger/transformer lead but has the american style 2 pin plug. In the box also came a shaver socker adapter to our 3 pin plug. Is this what anyone else has as this doesn't seem a safe way to use it as the transformer is quite heavy and puts stress on the 2 pins when connected. I thought for the UK market this would have come where I could charge it straight from our mains with no adapter? Any users can say what theirs came with?
  6. Hi SGL, I just wanted to say a big thankyou to all the people who replied to my numerous posts these past few weeks in helping me decide on my purchase. I started with a particular brand/scope in mind but after listening to all the advice I decided on something totally different. At the end of the day, I asked for advice and I would be a very stupid man if I didn't take it! So thankyou. My purchase in the end.......A nice shiny new 6SE with all the accessories I could afford and will initially need. Delivery should be here this afternoon (fingers crossed) But what I am looking forward to most, is letting my children look through it, particularly at the moon later tonight. I know how it took my breath away when I first looked through a telescope 25yrs ago! So once again, thankyou to everyone who helped in my decision and of course Steve at FLO for the friendly help and good deal with my purchase. I will of course have a go at a first light report when I find a little time. Regards Dean
  7. Anything forthcoming? Or maybe a contact at Celestron so I can find out for myself? Regards Dean
  8. Interestingly, Meade have now reduced their ETX125PE by £100 and are including a "free" eyepiece/fliter/barlow set with it. (not as a result of this thread I don't think! ), but it's nice to see offers been made in this country though! Regards Dean
  9. Adam, Whilst your "in the chair" so to speak, could you find out if Celestron will be offering any form of rebate scheme in this country and if not, why not. The population of this country (hence sales) as has been suggested doesn't seem a good enough answer. Thanks Regards Dean
  10. For Chinese sourced kit (ie most of it), yes. that is simply not true What? They can sell an item for 30-40% (at least!!) more in the UK and they don't make any more money on it? Where does the money go? Don't forget they can also still afford to add up to a $200 rebate on top of that!!
  11. True, and most people do look after their equipment. I was thinking more about lets say "more problematic" scopes with renowned plastic gearing (without mentioning any brand!). I wouldn't want to buy say a 4yr old scope for only £100 less "just in case" plus lack of warranty. But each to their own I suppose.
  12. I agree, politics is not my thing. Just accepting things because "that's the way it is" isn't either.
  13. Am expecting them late this week / early next. Best laid plans :roll: http://stargazerslounge.com/index.php/topic,17977.0.html Thank you for getting back to me Steve.
  14. I would prefer the term "what the customer is willing to put up with!". Lets face it, I am starting out like so many of you already have. I have my hard earned cash that I have decided to put into a hobby that I would like to get interested in. So I start shopping round, a few years ago, I would not have had the advantage of the internet, in being able to use valuable forums like this to gain such advice. But more significantly, I can easily access other retailer's (I am talking overseas here) prices. The world is a much smaller place. We can all have access to information that it would have previously cost an international phone call to get. The point is I DONT want to have to go elsewhere. Things should be equal (the items are coming from the same country afterall!) Perhaps this is why the used market is so strong and items don't stay up for sale very long. I have watched the market in the sale sections and certain auction sites and can't believe the prices that things sell for, often only £100 less (than say something for £700 new!), so people are prepared to try to save that extra £100. What does that say? I don't just think it's down to "counting the pennies". certainly not in my case anyway. Regards Dean
  15. Oh, and being British, we would also say thank you for the privilage too!
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