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  1. hi chris welcome to SGL from another manc njoy dave
  2. hi ralph in a similar position myself m8.i was out of work for 5 months last year with a cervical whiplash injury,it to has just flared up again last week cant look up or down or side to side, so on the sick from work and cant use the scope and bins.......its doin my head in!!!!!! take it easy m8 dave
  3. hello from manchester njoy dave
  4. just looking on the morgans website thinking of getting the philips webcam,and noticed they did the ir/uv filter.is this filter any good or should i be thinking of gettin a better one,if so which ones should i be looking at. cheers dave
  5. hi steve if you cant find a film cannister,use the cap that came in the focuser and drill a hole ABSOLUTELY dead centre in that(1/8" drill bit) hth dave
  6. hi john could you post any pics of the probs you havin dave
  7. hi nick regards the 10" flextube dob,you can put the seatbelts round em on the back seat no probs hth dave
  8. tipftop

    new member

    hi clive welcome from me to njoy dave
  9. hello sky and telescope pocket atlas turn left at orion nightwatch JOBS A GOOD UN:) dave
  10. hi all me uncle fancies a liitle scope for no more than £150.he's pointed a few out to me that he's thinkin of but they all come on,EQ1,EQ2 mounts and i've read that these are not very stable(plus dodgy flaggin int back garden) but he's got a beltin solid table out there so i was thinking of advising him on the heritage.any info on this scope much appreciated. cheers dave
  11. hi liz welcome to SGL,yep you've definately come to the right place. looks like more cloud tonight,so a couple of beers laptop on me knee and a night in front of SGL. NJOY!! dave
  12. hi welcome to SGL dave
  13. hi mal njoy SGL dave
  14. welcome to SGL good luck and njoy!!!! dave
  15. hi luis mag. 5.5:crybaby2: welcome from LP manchester:clouds1: NJOY!!!! dave
  16. hi geo oooooh your gonna love your scope when you get it m8,unbelievable sights,and the telrad just makes it so much easier. clear skies and njoy!!!! dave
  17. celestron 15x70 revelation 15x70 both really need tripods tho hth dave
  18. upright with caps on,but being a newbie hadnt really thought about that:icon_scratch:
  19. hi steve i got meself the 10" dob as well m8,you'll be amazed when you get it out under the stars.take your time with the collimating and have a look at the website by astro baby..its a geat step by step guide. goodluck and njoy!!!!! dave
  20. hi phil njoy the new scope m8 dave
  21. hi kim from another manc:icon_salut: i'm a beginner myself only been at it a few months,for what knowledge i've learnt in this time i'd take nightfishers advise,learn your way around the sky first b4 you take the plunge into imaging. you'll realise when you get your scope out for the first time and look up at the sky that theirs so much for us newbies to firstly find and then marvel at through the eyepiece b4 we get into imaging.take your time look at other things you may need first,some good books,moon,lp filters,dew prevention,powertank if your thinking of driving out to a dark site.a shiny new EP. I am in no way trying to dampen your enthusiasm for imaging,as i to came into this hobby with exactly the same thought(and still have) njoy dave
  22. hi moonshane been following this thread,glad to hear your all sorted. just hope our manc weather holds out for you tonight so you can use your new perfect blemish free piece of kit. njoy m8 dave
  23. hi dave from dave in manchester cant beat a good set of bins njoy
  24. tipftop

    Hi all.

    hi slim beginner myself,no what u mean about the info,slowly but surely things are startin to click into place. njoy SGL dave
  25. brilliant scarlet exactly how i find some things or point them out. im a beginner myself and saw saturn 4 the first time last night WOW..UNBELIEVABLE..INSPIRING. but the best thing was,me and me dad were havin a good look at it,when me dad shouts me mum out to come and have a look.so i get saturn in view 4 her and stand back,she then proceeds to say "its moving its moving...DAVID DAVID SATURN ITS GONE!!!!! whats happened to it" i was in tears laughing,absolutely classic moment,a night i'll never forget,nor ever let mum.ha ha clear skies and njoy every1
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