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  1. evening all, well the sky cleared out over the last hour or so for a pretty clear sunset, infact the sky is about 90%ish clear, not seeing anything interesting whatsoever....not that I was expecting to given ppm rating of this stuff and the altitude in the air. be good if it was like a neon band across the sky, that would make for some interesting pictures, wait a minute we already have that and its called the Aurora....hmm, Iceland needs to up its party tricks. Feel sorry for the people over there, must be pretty bad living with not much light and dust everywhere, especially if you have respiratory problems.
  2. no shake, the screw is surprisingly smooth, it only takes a small amount of turn to unlock it : )
  3. Due to not having a remote or cable shutter release for my Canon 450D then I decided to make one (a non-remote version...I aren't that clever) Having weighed up a few household items I found that most common of accessories, blu-tac and a screw were right for the job. Simply surround the shutter button with blu tac, insert a nut (bolt) into it, cover the edges of the nut over with blu-tac to hold it in and insert a screw. This way you can have the button pressed for as long as you like, easy and effective. To stop the exposure undo the screw and enjoy.
  4. The Canon 350D is a good one to go for but the lcd screen on the rear side is tiny, might be quite cheap I would either go for the Nikon D40x or D60 or the Canon 1000D, I think the Canon has LiveView aswell. Don't bother with the Canon 400D, its over priced and heavy.
  5. looks like it may be rectified. I always try and do a system restore to push the pc back as far as I can, this always helps with some software niggles however if its hardware related then it won't be much use.
  6. Received this in my inbox: "I have been given your request to "shade some of the street lighting in *******". I have reviewed the site and what I have organised is a shade to be fitted to the rear of the lantern on street light no. 2, which is to the side of your property. The other Street light, no. 1, which is outside **********, cannot be shielded to assist you as it is on the opposite side of the road and there is no facility to shield lanterns to the front. I understand your needs but this is as much as we (NYCC) can do." Peter Ball Street Lighting Dept North Yorkshire County Council Better than nothing I guess, shall have to wait to find out how much the lighting is dimmed by the shade they put up. Otherwise I shall have to make my own shade from within the garden and stick it above the car 'port'.
  7. North Yorkshire is clear, very clear.
  8. i was watching TSAN the other...night, and well where those guys said Mercury was was nowhere near where it was. Maybe that tree in your pic is hiding it.
  9. ha, well the UKSA's budget would only stretch so far....
  10. EA2007

    Why glass ?

    couldn't you just have a parabolic primary with metallic liquid on one side then have the other side as a large magnet, this would hold the metallic liquid in place and it would probably be quite smooth?
  11. I have a provisional reply from the council saying that my message has been forwarded to the street lighting department.......here's to waiting
  12. mixed bag really. good luck with things though people! i haven't had a reply yet, the website says it could take 20 days which is about standard for government departments. i know when i was in Portugal in 2007 then again in 2008 the amount of LP'n from new buildings was immense, the difference in just a year was staggering.
  13. i know how you feel astrotiger if any of the three main parties hint at cutting LP they get my vote!
  14. that's kinda what i put in my e-mail to them, ha ha. the council will either find the e-mail annoying or funny.
  15. Hey guys (and girls) Yeah its an interesting topic, its one thing to get the council to make some changes but if you have some random light a few houses away or next door blaring out thousands of watt's of light then it may be more tricky. Good to know that they may do something about it. I shall keep you posted. Personally i don't see the need for them, besides me being an astronomer (its official btw, i have a degree in it ) then its just a blatant waste of energy. We have a new business park near town and the orange glow is there all night, half the buildings are derelict and its only offices so no-one uses it past 5pm. Makes you wonder who comes up with these ideas. Studies show that crime rates do not increase in areas where lighting is reduced / not present.
  16. Hello all, As the title suggests, has anyone had any luck with having their local councils either shield or turn off some nearby street lighting? Today I sent an e-mail to the local council where I live; Hambleton, North Yorkshire asking for them to possibly shade two street lights nearby which shine in on the house and back garden. I noted in the e-mail that other councils had done similar things....just wondered if anyone knew of any good news? I hope they do something, I rather enjoyed writing that e-mail, whoever reads it should find it accurate yet amusing!!
  17. sounds like a good idea. i can remember being on holiday at the seaside whilst at uni and passing a skip with some computer fans in it, i stopped to have a look whilst my friends must have been wondering "what an idiot", I was thinking "mirror cooling fans!" but they seemed a little bashed. Its quite funny what you find on your travels.....anyway, Doc, just make sure the pier is level and also your mountings are all correctly spaced, you don't wanna have to change anything after you cement it all in place
  18. Are you looking in the right place?? lol, erm as the others said (and you probably know) try a darker location. M31 looks pretty cool as it appears far larger than any other galaxy, you may only make out the core though and even this will be a fuzzy grey/silver elliptical blotch.
  19. Good luck, feel free to ask any questions on this forum. If you hover over the left side of the Stellarium screen then you will be presented with a toolbar which has a few options on it (location, time, objects etc). From my own memory, by default it only shows the brightest stars, you can enter the toolbar on the left side and choose to have constellation lines and names showing aswell as increasing (or decreasing) the number of deep sky objects and planets. Its quite easy to use, if you think you have done something wrong then just close it down and start again
  20. fair enough. each to their own, just going on what I have come across. anyway, this ain't helping Shibby, the CG-5 is a good purchase in my mind, just buy some ear plugs with it
  21. tracking; visually and photographically. though I have no means to prove this........ Yeah, Vixens will give better tracking. A little more costly though.
  22. Hmm, not entirely accurate, i have an NEQ-6 Pro and i have managed to have it tracking successfully for 30 minutes. Though i do agree that an unguided mount is not going to give as long a tracking as a guided mount. the celestron CG-5 mount is good but it is noisy and can't handle as much weight as the EQ-5 Pro or EQ-6 (incl. N & Pro versions) Good tracking is all down to a good firm alignment and set-up process, which occurs from: a) good motors plenty of power c) level surface d) weight balance e) NCP alignment f) 3 star alignment I went observing a good few times at uni and we had two EQ-6's one evening, the lecturers set up one of them and the other was left to the students, it has to be said that the student mount didn't track longer than 90seconds, while the lecturers was okay for a good 5 minutes. This is just my findings, many people may argue you can only get a few minutes, that's cool. I was going to get the CG-5, it will probably do you well if your quite new to it all.
  23. its a partial eclipse. ha, erm, i found that when taking afocal images through my 8inch newtonian (namely with a digital camera or mobile phone) then i had similar results. i think in my case that it was because the lining up of the imager with the eyepiece hole wasn't quite perfect i.e. the sides of the imager or focuser unit were interfering with the light path. that's the only thing i can say.
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