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  1. sexy......the pic, not you! lol
  2. spoilsport..........you could try fitting a nexstar in a Peel P50 (or whatever is called), now that would be tricky.
  3. Speed.....speed!! Do u know how fast a lupo goes?? Its 1 litre and struggles uphill at 60!! So speed ain't its forte. ha ha, just read the 'mits on your goodies' bit...hilarious, we all know what you meant ribuck ;p
  4. A Nexstar 8SE will easily fit in the back of a ford focus. My sister has a VW Lupo and during summer we managed to fit in 5 people, 2 guitars (in cases), half a drum kit, one heavy & large amp, all the cables, a keyboard (in its case), a box (like a rifle box size) along with 2 filing boxes a bottle of Lucozade and a sandwich! Ha ha. So a focus should manage with one scope and its mounting.
  5. Ha ha, very true but I am sure a few people on here would disagree with that statement............there was a lad on my uni course who was like that, arrogant so'n'so.
  6. Interesting article on the BBC : http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6440751.stm might write to my local district council and say "Oi, fools, listen up!"..............well maybe not in that way, but clearly lay down my message. They don't seem to realise that energy wasted on lighting is energy wasted altogether, only 5% of our leccy is from renewables and they're going to reduce CO2 by 80% for 2050....yeh right, a third runway along with the governments target of 40% new housing for rural areas will really help...fools!
  7. Don't get me started on that one! Practically every hotel or church goes by that rule......when I was at uni there was an observatory ontop of one of the main buildings on campus, in my second year there the engineering and arts dept. decided to install some uplighting at the base of the building to make it look 'pretty' on a night.....my lecturer had a few stern words with them when they unveiled it. Best of luck with the program....if you get any success with it, let me know.
  8. Great idea Phil, I am all for it. Only the other night I went to a meeting in my local village because the local district council want to place over 900 new houses and a bridge and a link road inbetween my village and the local town (a distance of 1 mile away) Not only are there a host of environmental issues associated with the plans, but also the impact on the villages identity and also human impacts. It can be safely predicted that the new houses and urban road link will increase light pollution significantly. The district council also wants to re-allocate the towns football club to this new area, which will no doubt mean more ghastly fllod lighting.........they don't seem to realise that there is already a rugby club in the area and an all weather football picth....which doesn't help matters anyway. Just yesterday I was on a bus (waiting for it to depart) and was pondering the issues (don't worry I aren't that sad, i was just about to listen to some music ha ha) and was looking at some street lighting and wondered 'why are the ones where I live so inefficient i.e. they are the ones that have no shading over the tops...........this got me thinking, the ones near the bus stop had a small circular hood over them.............but what if the hood was larger (about 1 meter in size) and was made from a reflective material i.e. polished metal. This would reflect a lot of the light emitted in a downwards fashion and I assume the voltage/wattage (whatever it is) could be reduced yet still produce the same amount of power!
  9. 'Women are always correct.......even when they aren't...they're still correct!" Ha ha
  10. ah, okay, think the other was a replier to his image then. Its kinda cool to observe it....
  11. A few weeks ago I was just out in the garden and was looking at all the available constellations and when observing Ursa Major, I was thinking "megrez looks faint".Now, I have been looking at Ursa Major for years and have always thought that the 7 main stars that make up 'the plough' are all reasonably the same brightness....I know this seems weird, but I have never really noticed that it was so much fainter.......especially given that I have just seen Lady Isabelle's widefield image in the 'imaging' section and again it appears faint.Quite strange.
  12. Thats the same as mine, I think comet are 'lying' about the ram, that model doesn't come with 4Gb's
  13. I don't mind Vista.........must say though the worst thing about a mac is NO RIGHT CLICK!!! lol, quite stupid really. Think we can all agree that Windows 98 was the best, ME was rubbish.
  14. Andromeda Galaxy...........nice! Just kidding, very nice M42 there.
  15. most camera's I have used show trails after 30 secs, however, that is on a the normal view, zoom in on an image anywhere over 20secs and you will see the beginning of trailing.
  16. its quite a difficult time to be buying at the moment...yeh everything is slightly cheaper than it was (january sales & VAT discounted a little & companies want you to buy things) but you are based with the dilemma of: 1) will things get cheaper 2) are netbooks going to become as powerful as laptops in a fairly quick time period (i.e. <6 months) 3) is it worth buying one now when in a few months you can get a far better spec for a similiar price. Take 'mjcp's' post above, his lappy is 8 months old and he paid well over £400 for his, now the one I am on at the moment only cost £350 incl. VAT and is a better spec (Dual core 2Ghz, 3GB ram, 160GB HDD, 15.6 inch 16:9 screen, DVD +/- RW, good sound, n-wifi, good graphics, 5in1 card reader, 3 hour battery life and weighs about the same as a bag of sugar!) But this will be eclipsed in a few months for an even better machine.......... If your out and about wanting to use imaging programs and virtual planetariums, then the small size screen of a netbook might be an issue.
  17. Hello I assume by 'astrowork' you mean imaging, image processing and general stuff like planetariums etc? I have a fair bit of knowledge when it comes to computer specs, (don't wanna sound too big headed tho!) and would safely say that you would be better off with a laptop rather than a netbook. Netbooks are exactly what they say on the tin; a user friendly, basic platform for running text based applications such as internet browsers and spreadsheet programs. Going by the specifications for these devices; Single processors <1Ghz, 1GB RAM, <60GB's Hard Disk and very basic graphics along with a small screen then they are not comparable with a laptop. Take the laptop I am on now for example, the average price of a netbook is around £200/250 (some are cheaper but for a good model) for £100 more you could have a laptop such as mine which has; dual core processor @ 2Ghz, 3Gb's Ram, 160GB's HDD, large screen, semi-dedicated graphics running DirectX10 (which are pretty good actually).......very useful for image processing and running planetarium software. I would stick with a laptop!
  18. Great news, they could have done it with the NY Moors but the glow from Teesside and York is fairly bright. The Brecons just above Merthyr are quite good, I was surprised how dark it was there considering all the towns nearby.
  19. Yeh, well I was a 3rd year student, the fieldschool was for 2nd years, but I and a few others booked our own villa about 10 miles from the others and managed to have Andy and Sheila stay with us. The trouble with our villa was it was quite high up and therefore quite windy, plus the light pollution was unbelievable when compared with the year before (2007). Was a good laugh though, the pool was big and the villa was very nice....plus booze is well cheap over there.
  20. Sparkly, nice colours, Try doing the 'noise reduction' in Photoshop, that should help.
  21. yeh I know he has more than 3 mounts.............just this year in Portugal he brought 3, he said he has about 4 times more equipment at home...jammy sod! He's a great cook aswell and his wife is very pleaseant.
  22. on a more useful note, Bath is home to the Herschel museum (as has been mentioned) and I know a guy who works there. His name is Andy Burns, nice chap, loads of equipment, mainly 3 large mounts (possibly more), 14inch? astrograph, 12inch mak. pentax scopes, loads of dSLR's and a rather nice Volvo XC90. He knows his stuff aswell.
  23. I was this morning, for a shower.......out now though
  24. Baaa-rilliant very good image, I am really liking your 'wide deepfield' shots. Good stuff.
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