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  1. Thanks very much Astro-Baby. These things aren't mentioned on sellers websites, I've found it difficult to get the full story on any of the scopes. Cheers for the advice
  2. Hi Alan. Thanks For The Advice. I downloaded Stellarium earlier this week and was really impressed, I learned more in an hour using that than I have from most of the books I've read so far. It also helped me to identify some objects I'd seen on tuesday. I'll get the book ordered Cheers
  3. Fortunately I do have another! Thanks for the advice, it's much appreciated. I was kind of drawn towards the explorer as I had read that the EQ mount was better quality than that of the Celestron Thanks again
  4. Hello to all! I'm a fairly new stargazer looking for some advice. I've had an interest in astronomy and physics for a while now and have been doing a lot of reading. I was hoping that maybe some of you could recommend some new reading material as I seem to be covering the same thing over and over. I feel that I now have a reasonable understanding of why I see what I see when I look upwards, I now want to know what I'm actually looking at. I have also recently taken the plunge, sold a guitar and am ready to buy my first scope (all my viewing thus far has been done through 12x50 binoculars). I'd really appreciate your help and advice. I have a budget of between £150-£200. I have looked at the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ, The Skywatcher Heritage 130P and The Skywatcher Explorer 130P. All seem to have similar features and good reviews. Any advice? Any Difference? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
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