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  1. you lot aren't happy unless you're miserable are you?! to my mind time is one of the fundamental "wonders" of the universe. any kind of explanation of the universe without an explanation of the passage of time is pointless.
  2. i need a dark sky site! i've been scouting a few out over the weekend, going to try some out this week
  3. pity, i'm not far from you and the sky is fairly clear here. going to have to invest in a light pollution filter though!
  4. how beautiful?! pity about the neighbours having a bright light on the side of the house been viewing the orion nebula tonight too, it's such a lovely sight. i knew buying a scope was the right thing to do!
  5. how about a build your own solar system model? i've recently seen one in the works bookshop, pretty sure it was less than £10. i have a feeling the science museum make one too. check out the science museum stuff on amazon or ebay, i'm sure you'll find something good luck!
  6. hi all. just purchased a scope, its a bresser skylux 70mm refractor. took it out on saturday and had a play but couldn't seem to set the finder up properly. had the scope out on saturday night and managed without but i guess life would be easier with a functional finder. if anyone is familiar with this scope i was wondering, can the bracket for the finder be changed? or can a red dot finder be fitted to the existing shoe? i've been looking at other finders but the mounts look different to the one on the scope. very confused! could do with going to a shop and talking to someone but i don' know where my nearest one is cheery guys
  7. its a bresser skylux 70mm refractor. cant say much about the optics yet but the mount is very well engineered, nice smooth movements. got it for a really good price on ebay. you decided on what to get yet?
  8. new scope arrived today, just in time for the skies to clear up a bit so fingers crossed i might actually be able to use it! cant blumming wait!
  9. it's only a temporary measure really untill i can save some money for a nice big dob! just can't wait to get out there and track down some planets!
  10. hi all. i've finally managed to buy a scope and am hoping it turns out to be a bargain. it's a bresser skylux 70mm refractor, brand new in box for £45...super cheap when compared to new prices elsewhere. ebay does have it's uses after all! now i've just got a few days of wondering if i've done the right thing while i await delivery! i've read good and bad things about the scope and the mount has had some good reviews. hopefully my punt will pay off and i'll be out watching the stars this time next week!
  11. it's a brand new scope in box, and is substantially cheaper than the new price. i think it might be worth a punt, by the looks of it i'd get my money back if i were to sell it on. thanks for the help dude
  12. hi guys. i need some reassurance! just "accidently" bid on a bresser skylux 70mm refractor on ebay...part of me considers this to be a bargain but i'm not certain it was the right thing to do. anyone had any experience with the scope? it looks to be a reasonable budget scope and its only got to last a few months while i save for a decent newt. just hope i'm not wasting my money! must say though...under this cloud cover i'll be able to see as much as i would with a giant dob!
  13. thanks for the advice guys i think i'll go for the 6" dob and see how i go. i get the feeling that i'll be pleased with whatever i get as a view of the orion nebula through 12x50 bins got me over excited last night! theres always time to save up for a bigger scope in the future...maybe even a 12"!
  14. cheers dave. how did you get on with the supatrak mount? can't find many reviews of it. would it be suitable for a novice stargazer?
  15. FLO have the 200 for roughly £90 more. i could maybe stretch to that but wont have much left for any eyepeices or other accessories. perhaps i need to sell another guitar! thanks for the advice
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