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  1. Not too sure what it's called but it looks like a phone plug and it is the one that came with the scope i'm starting to think it may be the cable i bought but it seems to fit together ok and it wasn't a cheapy one at £12 odd I just cannot understand why they supply it with a serial cable when most pc's are lap tops these days and i don't know any that have the serial connection
  2. Earl my handset is version 3.03 which i think is the oldest one because i downloaded 05 and 07 I would be happy just to get the lap top and handset to recognise each other then i could use stellarium
  3. Hi all , i have got a synscan goto and i am trying in vain to update it but my computer and the handset for the synscan cannot seem to find each other .I bought a cable to connect the rs232 to a usb but it seems they cannot find each other and i am not very good on computers really . I downloaded all the updates and the thing to update it and the thing to help find the handset when you plug into the computer but it isn't working I am on windows vista if that makes any difference
  4. Is there a time that is better for gazing or is it good as long as it's dark without the clouds ? I just wondered if there was a few hours in the night where there is more to see ?
  5. Thanks for the replies ,i thought it may be something like that ,one more question ,does it matter where the hole is positioned ?
  6. Sorry about this question but i can't find anything in the instructions ,i have a large cover that goes over the end of my scope (skywatcher explorer 130p az goto)with a small cap that comes off to leave a small aperture . Is the cover for use in the day and then you take it off for night use or do you keep it on all the time ?
  7. Thanks a lot Supermassive i have ordered one from maplins ,can't wait for it to arrive as i saw my first moon craters tonight and then the batteries went .I suppose that is one drawback of having a goto mount .
  8. Can someone please point me to a cheaper power source for my goto scope ,the skywatcher one is way too expensive and i have read that maplins do one cheaper but i cant find it anwhere
  9. Thanks for the tips i will have a good look later ,i did go out a bit earlier but could not work it out properly as i could not find any of the stars you listed as they would be fantastic for me to use as well,i did know something was wrong when i pressed for orion and it whent the complete opposite way
  10. Yes Pook thats what i meant to say ,i wont start taking bits apart for at least a few weeks It has about 5 aa batteries to power it at the moment and im sure they wont last 5 minutes ,is there a power pack available or any other way to keep it going ?
  11. Well i have at last got a scope a skywatcher explorer 130p synscan az goto . First impressions it seems well put together but i have yet to delve into the electronics . I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on using it or any good worthwhile bits to enhance what i have.
  12. Now that could be the ideal combination ,night fishing and take the scope as well .Who says men can't multitask .
  13. It looks like new and i am sure the only used 3 times bit is correct ,all the goto bits work and the battery compartment is fine so i will be having a good look at the instruction manual tonight and maybe have a fiddle with it Just be prepared for even more questions now
  14. Well i bought it ,its all there and very hardly used .I just have to work out how to use it now
  15. Thanks Ian ,i didn't want to look silly asking to look through one if it's not any good in the daylight
  16. Is it ok to look through one of these in the day and expect it to be able to look at something ?
  17. Ahhh i see i still have a few days to go then ,can anyone tell me if there is anything good on there at the moment
  18. I have found that when looking as well ,what i normally do when i see a scope advertised second hand is try and find it on the FLO website this then gives an idea of price and if its not listed then i don't bother as it's probably discontinued. But all this would be out the window if i could view the for sale section on here but even though i have more than 50 i still can't see it
  19. I am going to look at a skywatcher explorer 130p skyscan azgoto this weekend hopefully and i was wondering what i should check and any questions to ask so i can determine if its any good Apparently its only been used 3 times because it doesn't fit in the loft
  20. I see quite a lot of members are town or city based and i was wondering how you get on with light pollution? do any of you use your back gardens or do you have to take all your gear somewhere nice and dark ? Im thinking i could probably use my garden as we are out in the sticks ,my garden is about 100 ft long so quite far from the house and the houses behind me are another 150ft away so i 'm thinking not a lot of light pollution and i would be more inclined to use the scope if i don't have to lug it half way round the world Any thoughts
  21. wozza


    Wow!! that picture is fantastic ,is it possible to see it without a scope ?
  22. Am i right in thinking that the higher the number of a mount the more robust it is ? or is there more to it than that ?
  23. Would a skywatcher explorer 130p synscan az goto for £150 be a good deal and would it be suitable for a beginner ?
  24. Hi from the other end of the country
  25. Nice one Nickk a good bit of advice to take with me for any viewings
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