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  1. Hey, I have got the exact same telescope, I have had some great views of the moon, Saturn, the plaides and can recommend having a look at the orion neb. The only thing I would say is the barlow lens that comes with it is not very good, I tend not to use it. I have had great fun with this scope although i am now at the point of looking to upgrade it, I would also recommend getting some 10x50 bins. have fun
  2. Hi Jasper, Im just down the road in clayton le woods, I only have a cheap scope and some bins at the moment but am looking at buying a decent/serious beginners scope in the near future, always up for a chat and wouldn't mind finding out what you think of your scope when you get it! cheers
  3. Hi All, as a newbie to all this I am currently using a cheap jessops reflector while I save some money and do some research on my first proper scope purcahse. well the last three nights have been clear so I have been trying to get a look at saturn. I thought I had found it last night but was unimpressed when looking at it through the scope. After reading a bit on here and looking at the centre pages of sky at night magazine I think I was looking at spica?? so I tried again last night using what i now thought was spica as a guide I managed to spot another starlike object in what looked like the right position. I put the scope on this object, looked through the 20mm eyepiece and WOW!!!!! I couldn't beleive it, the view was amazing I could make out the rings! I put a 2x barlow on and managed to get a bit more detail out of it. Words cannot describe how amazing the view was, it also made me feel a bit silly that the night before I had spent about 1/2 an hour looking at a star thinking it was saturn!!! I even got my wife out of bed to come and have a look and she couldn't beleive it. I am now looking forward to getting a better quality scope. thanks to everyone for all the advice on here it is invaluable
  4. Hi Everyone, I have been learning the sky for a while with some 10x50 bins while trying to decide what scope to buy, so far I have changed my mind about 100 times! Anyway a friend of mine gave me a cheap telescope that he had bought as an impulse buy and never used. It is a jessops TA800x80 reflector, I still intend to buy a better telescope in the very near future but thought i would give it a try to see the difference between using a scope compared to the bins. Well I managed to find the orion nebula with it and WOW!!!! what a diference compared to the bins, it was everything I was hoping for. I just have one question though I hope someone can answer, I was using a 20mm eyepiece and the nebula looked really good, I could see good detail and quite a few other stars around. I then put a 2x barlow on and the view was no where near as good, the image was darker, I couldn't see the other stars around and it didn't seem to magnify it any more. is this because it is a cheap barlow or is this object better viewed without too much magnification? thanks
  5. Thanks for the advice guys, I hadn't even considered a dob( I had heard of them but didn't really know what it was) I was looking at reflectors and refractors. I have just been having a read up on them and they sound perfect for what I want! The only question I have now and I apologise if this is a daft question but are these types of scope supposed to sit on the floor or do raise them up on a tabletop or something similiar? thanks again for the advice.
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first post after browsing this site for a while! I am fairly new to this and have been learning the sky for a while with a pair of 10x50's. I enjoy the experience of using binos as my viewing time can be quite limited due to the weather/work/two young children etc!!! and just being able to grab and go is a huge bonus. so i was thinking of upgrading to a larger pair of binos with a half decent tripod, however I would really like to see some more detail on the planets. Would I be correct in thinking that the only way to get any real detail with planets is to get a telescope? So my question is this - with a budget of around £200 could I get a telescope that is quick to set up that will give me better images of the planets? would a refractor be the best choice or could I get some detail out of a larger pair of binos. thanks
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