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  1. Thanks to Dave Tyler I had a look through his 90mm double stacked coronado yesterday morning. Captured some images with his Flea3 as well as visual. The views were stunning...then the cloud came bubbling up:-) Looking forward to reading your views on your new Lunt, Stuart. Are you going to get the second etalon? Glyn
  2. Stuart, have you had any sun in Glasgow? Looking forward to your review and first images. Glyn
  3. Great. I look forward to seeing the first images!
  4. Seems the right forum to me. I'm thinking along the same lines so looking forward to some responses from people with experience. While we are waiting, what other options did you consider and why. Glyn
  5. Hi Stuart, Seems like your curse isn't working as there may be some sunshine in the next few days. Looking forward to your review. What made you go for the 80 rather than the 60? Glyn
  6. Welcome to Sgl. I'm in Maidenhead too. Just got my first scope a 3" refractor. Have you joined Maidenhead Astronomical Society? Meeting is monthly next one is next week. You can go to a couple as a guest before deciding whether to pay subs. It's only £15 per year. I'm on holiday next week so I'll miss it. The last one was great. Clear Skies Glyn
  7. Thanks Scotty, That is about what i saw with my 80mm nights ago a. It's looking good for another view tonight. Last night was too cloudy here. Glyn
  8. Great picture. I was looking at Saturn last night with my 80mm APO refractor but nowhere near this level of detail. Thanks for sharing it.
  9. Have had this for a couple of weeks and I'm really happy. I'd like to fit a finder. My preferred finder is the Televue Starbeam but I'm having difficulty working out how best to attach it. The OTA is fixed to a dovetail with two clamps. Any ideas? Glyn
  10. Thanks Stuart, I have decided to go for the Porta Mount II for now. I can always use it for birding and get a then get a Gib for Astro. I've ordered it now, so expect cloudy nights for the foreseable future.
  11. Thanks Stuart, I had seen from your signature on other posts that you have the TV 85 and the Gibraltar mount. How do you get on with the mount. If you lost it would you replace it with the same one? Glyn
  12. Thanks everyone, looks like its the Officina Stellare. Now to decide on the eyepieces :-) With it being f=480mm should I not worry about higher magnification and just enjoy widefield views of DSO's? What is the shortest focal length eyepiece that would work?
  13. Went into Wide Screen Centre to discuss Televue 85. My concern was the age of the design. My mind was put at ease that this is still a high quality scope but I was also shown the Officina Stellare APO 80. It is lighter and equally beautiful What are the pros and cons between these two?
  14. Was thinking about the Orion Skyquest XTG series. I tend to acquire and keep things so my concern is will the drive be reliable and if it fails is the whole thing junk or can it continue as a low tech push scope? Second question would be size? Is this a goldilocks choice? The 8 is great but Aperture is king. The 12 has biggest aperture but is it too big to move about? so is the 10" is just right?
  15. My Mum & Aunt were brought up in Bwlchgwyn high up on the Ruthin road out of Wrexham. The claimed to have seen a couple of fantastic Auroras before the war but my dad always said it wad the blast furnace being charged at Brymbo!
  16. Thanks, that is very helpful. Senior management is my wife but she is a keen birder and knows her way round the night sky better than I do. She likes the patterns and names of constellations rather than the science. Given my previous track record of buying the most expensive kit and regretting it later, I probably should walk before running. So that means visual rather than AP - that can come later. I am in Maidenhead, quite a lot of light pollution so being able to transport is essential. I do have an old Chrysler voyager so if I work out for a week I can take all the seats out! Does this narrow things down? I had been looking at a WO 98 refractor to do both wildlife and Astro. Most of the wildlife will be from a hide. However it pours with rain whenever I decide to go birding so a rainproof scope is essential for that. C
  17. I am a keen birder (and dragonflies) and have been looking to get a scope for wildlife including digiscoping. I am also starting on astronomy so far with naked eye and binoculars. This is great fun but I want to be able to see with greater magnification once I have got a rough idea of the night sky with the binos. I think that I'll get a Zeiss/Swarovski/Leica ~80mm scope with a zoom eyepiece & tripod for the wildlife. If I get senior management approval, I might also get a scope and mount for astronomy Q1: Can the spotting scope be used for astronomy? Q2: If I get the spotting scope, which Astro scope would be a good addition? I'm lucky. The budget on top of the spotter is up to £5k.
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