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  1. I think I'll just stick with the eyepieces as they are. With a 2x Barlow I will have effectively a 4mm, 8mm, 12mm and a 24mm.

    I have been offered a very nice 38mm 2" eyepiece and 2" diagonal that comes with a 1.25" adapter. Which I think will complete my setup.

    What I would like to know is... Would putting a 2" diagonal on a nexstar8se be a sensible thing to do? That way I can use the hyperions and Barlow with the 1.25" adapter and the 38mm 2" for wide views?

    Thanks everyone :)

  2. Thanks guys. The more I learn the harder it becomes to make a decision. I was almost ready to go ahead and buy a couple of 1.25 inch baader hyperions then it came to my attention that i may be able to 'upgrade' to 2inch eps but i still can't make my mind up and it's getting very frustrating lol. Choosing to get married and have kids wasn't even this complicated! ;)

  3. 1.25inch or 2 inch? Hi. I am sorry of its been asked before but what are the benefits of the 2 inch eye piece and are they worth the extra cash?! More specifically is it possible and should I upgrade my nexstar8 to a 2inch diagonal and eyepiece given that there are some good deals out there?

  4. I assume you are aware of the versatility of the hyperion eyepieces? with fine tune rings you can make them produce a large number of focal lengths

    Sort of!? I'm getting them based on the good reviews and the fact i can get a couple at a reasonable price. I knew they had fine tuning (except the 24mm which I'm getting) but perhaps I wrongly assumed they were just fine tuning rings? My main concern is still wether or not my Barlow will 'downgrade' the optical quality of the view and i need to upgrade or wether my ostara ones wil suffice. Thanks for the help everyone btw. Its appreciated!

  5. 8SE and Hyperion 8-24mm zoom...............is a great combo. Ive been using it for the last yr and a half.

    Hi. How does the zoom compare with Individual eyepieces? I have an olivon 8-24mm zoom and I'm undecided. It has a yellow tinge compared to my plossl Ana's doesn't seem to have as good contrast. The Hyperion may be a better option for me as in currently looking for new eyepieces?



  6. Hi.

    I have a Nexstar 8se with a range of plossl lenses and I am currently considering upgrading my eyepieces. I would really like a Tele Vue but i can get a Baader Hyperion 8mm and a 24mm and a 2x Barlow giving me a wide range for the same price so I am leaning towards that option.

    While I would very much welcome as many comments regarding the eyepieces as possible, what I am really asking is will I need to upgrade the diagonal on the telescope as well? Also can you recommend a good Barlow that won't ruin the potential of the eyepieces.

    Any suggestions and comments would be very much appreciated.



  7. Their Moon & Skyglow filter seems okay, identical to the Skywatcher LPR. I was worried considering the dirt cheap price of £9.95 with delivery for the 1.25". But so far we cannot tell the difference from the 2" Skywatcher.

    I reckon they are all the same but rebranded.

  8. I've just bought a 25mm Ostara plossl eyepiece off amazon for just over £20 which is less than half price! I have my Celestron 25mm to compare it with. I will post the result once it arrives. (If it isn't an improvement then I can send it back :) I have the Ostara moon filter too and it's pretty much identical to my mates Meade one.

  9. I would love to be able to compare a few in order to really evaluate the quality difference. I have to admit that I haven't had much experience with different eyepieces as I'm still a beginner but some eyepieces may look similar as a lot of Chinese factories use the same 'templates' but the quality of the optics can vary significantly and can't be compared in pictures on websites.

    I suppose that's a good reason to stick with known brands, but it seems to me, that known brands are charging much much more for the exact same thing, as they have to pay for millions of pounds of advertising and publicity etc.

  10. SWA82 8.8mm (1.25") RRP £229.00

    SWA82 14mm (1.25") RRP £269.99

    SWA82 24mm (2")

    RRP £349.99

    This is more expensive than meade, by about £100 on each eyepiece. So meade is cheap and cheerful? :D

    They are a fraction of that price on amazon

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