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  1. I have just returned from a short break near there (Kilmartin) all i can say is its stunning!. veiws to amaze you, the skies are very dark and very clear(weather permitting of course). I took my scope with me and it was well used! please dont hesitate just go, and hope the weather gods look down on you!!!
  2. Thanks for the reply John, i actually bought it so my son could use it, just figured if he could use it and find things at the same time as i do with the bigger scope, he wouldnt get cold and bored as teenagers can do!!
  3. Hi guys, can anyone tell me if they have an 80mm skymax mak scope? and what are they like? are they worth having for planetery stuff? and lunar work?
  4. I have the explorer150p with crayford focuser, its much better than the rack and pinion version, but to be honest i think i would cosider selling your scope to fund an 200p! crayford focusers are not cheap themselves.
  5. I can also recommend the explorer 150p as i am very impressed with its performance on both jupiter and now saturn, it is also really good for dso,(in my opinion), it is also fairly easy to move around, and take it in and out of the house. i also sometimes take it in the car so i can travel to darker skies, really love my scope! hope that kinda helps:icon_salut:
  6. Ok thanks Rob. If i am honest i think it was it was a bit hopefull!
  7. Is it at all possible to use an Explorer 200p on an EQ3-2 mount? as i have been offerd one as swap for my 150p. please advise!
  8. wish my wife was so understanding of the hobby!!! well done!!
  9. I caught the satellite as well! pretty amazin sight the 2 galaxies and a man made object in the EP at the same time!!
  10. All a bit confusing for me, hope mine is ok, i get clear images so im sure mine is ok, i use a collimating cap on my 150p
  11. Sure did! pretty good night all round i feel!!!!!!
  12. Had a magic night as well!!!!!!!!!!! saw loads, and just spent the last hour watching saturn!
  13. Looks to me as tho you saw the iss and the shuttle?
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