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    Hi SGL :)

    Thanks guys. Hope to be picking some brains soon Clear Skies, Fija
  2. Hi David, Thanks will email FLO first and see what they say / reccomend. I looked there the other day but they dont seem to list the Astrzap AZ numbers so was a lil confusing for a newbie like me. They may be able to tell me which one is best. If not I'll take you up on your measure offer. Cheers, Fija
  3. Hi Guys, Been looking around for a dew shield for a LS-6 thats is notched from the UK. Not had any luck so far. I thougt that the Celestron SE ones work but after looking at pics on the net I think that notch will be too small. I know Atrozap do one in the US (AZ-120 I think). Any Ideas? Fija
  4. Fija

    Hi SGL :)

    Hi Guys, I'm Fija and I'm from North Wales. I have been lurking for sometime before registering and have enjoyed many of the posts that I've read and even tried to answer one already. I got my first scope six years ago and have recently got back into using it and even bitten the bullet to get a slightly bigger one. The search for which led me to here. Since registering the other day I figured it was only polite to say hi. I work in IT for a living and have found astronomy a great way to get my butt off the computer and give my scope a work out before it gets too fat, dusty and old. (Is that the scope or me ??) I have found that I really enjoy spying on the wonders of the universe and even basic AP (Just taking pics of Constellations and M45 atm). Well thats enough rambling. Clear Skies. Fija
  5. Star_Chaser, You will need the drivers for the SPC900NC which can be found SPC900NC/00 Philips Webcam SPC900NC VGA CCD with Pixel Plus - Philips Support here. As for Capture soft there are many free ones like wxastrocapture, SharpCap and as mentioned above craterlet. As they are free try them all and see which one you prefer. Fija
  6. Star_Chaser, you will need the spc900NC drivers as the camera was an 880 before flashing. You can get the drivers from SPC900NC/00 Philips Webcam SPC900NC VGA CCD with Pixel Plus - Philips Support. Also SharpCap and WXAstroCapture are nice and are also free and both work well on my netbook. Try all 3 capture progs and see which you like best. Fija
  7. a) where you went to get advice I Didn't bother b) how helpful (or not) was the advice Again I didn't take any c) what sort of scopes did you look at Any mount that wasn't Counter Wieghted and had GOTO and tracking. d) what did you buy Meade ETX90 e) why did you buy what you bought It fit the bill and I couldn't afford the ETX125 f) how has it worked out - what do you like with it/dislike with it At first it didn't work out as I could never be bothered to align it and used to use it looking out through an open Velux window. That was 6 years ago. I have since got over my laziness and have had many great nights viewing. Have finaly decided I want something bigger and still not a fan of EQ mounts so after searching CN, SGL and any other review I could find I decided to get a Meade LS-6 as I like the idea of LS Technology.
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