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  1. Sorry I haven't been around for a while - 3 weeks ago bent down to pick something up from garage floor and BANG my back went, aggravating an old injury from HMF days - so there I've been flat on my back, all those clear nights missed, and getting very frustrated!! Only able to read astro books and mags (it made it even more frustrating) - hope to have the 'scope out soon and viewing again.

    Regards to all


  2. Sunday evening (6th March) - managed to see the Jupiter - Moon conjunction through 'bins' while waiting for the scope to cool down, I didnt manage to see Mercury as it was already too low down in the western sky - then lo and behold the cloud rolled in ! Where the heck did that come from after such a warm and clear afternoon.

    Last night, Monday 7th, did manage to see Mercury, again low in the west, but a good clear view before it disappeared. Waited for total dark and eyes to accustom and had a tour of Orion and M42, this nebula fascinates me, then up to the Pleiades a really good view tonight, the sky was the 'blackest' that I've seen for a while, back to Orion for another look at M42, then across to Taurus and a look at Aldebaran and picked up its 'orangey red ' glow, the first time I'd looked at it. Tried finding M31 in Andromeda but without success, I'll have to check the R.D.F again !!

    The 'bug' is really starting to bite !!


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