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  1. Many thanks for this, gave me a lot of info about the scope, from reading the information, mine is one of the four that has a Strehl 0f 988 however not much use when you can't even get past first base>>>😂 thanks for finding the info Tom.
  2. Hi Adreneline, Please feel free to have a chuckle I've just found a William optics focal reducer 0.8 F6 Apo it was in a cut out in the case, next silly question what do I do with it, is it a case of just attaching it to the camera? sorry as I said I am a real newbie at this, and regarding the BM yes you are right I think at one point I had that on, as well as trying to use the autofocus, but to be honest by that point I was just getting so frustrated I forgot to take it off. thanks for all your advice and guidance very very much appreciated
  3. Hi> Scotty, i will do a dry setup later today and post Hi Adreneline> No reducer/flattner attached
  4. please could somebody advise me where I'm going wrong> equipment: EQ6 R-PRO Mount, William Optics 123 Apo, Camera ZWO ASIO71 MC, ASi pro, EFW. My first two outings, with the following equipment have proved very disappointing from the start. I've been unable to obtain almost any focus, no matter how I place the camera I however cannot obtain any focus or I get a multitude of green dots? Please see photo. the only way I've managed to obtain any form of focus is to put the camera on video using the ASI, and pushing the gains up to maximum, if I use live, or preview mode and unable to focus at all, I have tried using the spaces provided can someone point me in the right direction please.
  5. Thomas martin

    Hi all

    Good evening and Hallo to all.. very new to the site and to the hobby, hoping to take my first image soon fingers crossed. once i have sorted a couple of issues with the camera and other items.....
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