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  1. oh yes locking is great. we must convert those cig users:crybaby2::hello2:
  2. on your part? the phono would be compact and more secure than cig power but as i said and others currents would need be assesed
  3. been a bit of a post whor on your thread malc. apologies. had another brucey bonus the serial leads worked out EXACTLY the same length as the usb:D so as gordon ramsey would say.........DONE .
  4. ok went with the hunch and 5v sorted it. dam this thing made my room that was in near complete darkness look like it was in full day light! so is that the idea?
  5. malc, when you said don't connect 5v did you mean from the serial? or from the cam board or both? don't think i have this working. are you testing LE with the std lens so you can view something? and what should happen in preview? still frame for the exposure time set?
  6. just to double check i disconnected the mod and put the connections back. same heat. so thats normal. but. i noticed if i put the camera upto a bright light like out of a window i get these streaks. if i adjust gain or exposure they will reduce but then the image is too bright too dull! normal?
  7. cigarette sockets are the clumsiest elec connection i've ever encountered imo. and bulky for the currents we use you could mount 8 phono's to a maplin project box for the space of 2 cig outlets! bit of soldering jiggery pokery and roberts ya fathers brother
  8. i'm with JB. spend the money on the cells not the gimmicks. there are some specialist car audio batterys "optima" that are designed for long draw current. would power a mount all year i reckon
  9. Try another download malc. Properly extract to folder instead of straight double click install if you get me
  10. installed and ui works fine here. strangely i installed to another directory to avoid messing up orgonal sharpcap but the install has uninstalled the original! will test lx stuff tomoz (tuesday)
  11. errmmm no tbe. i found no faults with the mod! i tried it with the case open and the mod board/components remained stone cold however the lower board and to some degree the top biggish square chip had some "warmth" when all refitted after 10mins the case would be "luke" will have to try without holding it stop any heat transfer from hand holding it being a factor. short of returning it to std op to gauge std heat will be a blow.
  12. how is this now you've had it for sometime? still like it? does all you need?
  13. yes malc although this is ttl you can get a regular 232 version tho the serial is basically encapsulated into the usb moulded plug so the wire end is indeed 232
  14. champion so this plugs straight to the motor control board of the mount making the H/Ctrl redundant?. but what if for some reason i wanted to use the H/ctrl in Pc mode will this cable do the same job as the cable you would use to go from H/ctrl to pc? or does that cable come with a new heq5 goto anyway? .
  15. its fine with spc900 which is only a usb 1 device. a backup plan is simply a secondary run of ethernet dedicated for the cam if issues arrive however i have tried it for extended periods which showed no issues
  16. well almost, just need a usb focuser controller to complete the comms setup. obvious the power will all be battery supplied at the scope oh and the smal matter of a scope and mount a bit irish way to do things! ?
  17. hmmmm double checked tracks and breaks all fine. its definately warm but not hot. why do ppl fit fans then ? assuming the transistors are not switching whats different from before is the 2 pins we have broken are now connected to each other via 2 10k resistors in series so 20k! ? i did spin the transistors as per your note and a quick google said they have BCE other way round. anyway to test with a multimeter?
  18. no lx mode used yet was just a check of the normal usb ! hmmm just run it open the new pcb and components stone cold but seems like the bottom board is the source of heat. only after a few minutes too
  19. cam works in normal mode is it correct you have the switch ON for normal and OFF for LX? edit: wow quite a bit of heat! normal?
  20. prob more hassle than its worth lol. tbf lots of room and was concerned with extra weight on the mount. .
  21. i had the same transistors too so turned them. slow progress but hey . . .
  22. champion malc. will do. lost on the pad and pin at the mo! to me pad would seem like the female and pin the male side however the guides suggest other wise. not only that logically counting the connect its pins 7 and 9 not 8 and 10! don't even know what 8/13 means? .
  23. malc can i ditch the last resistor and diode? i'm thinking there only there for fan feed and back emf control from the fan? i'm not fitting a fan
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