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  1. Can you not team up with pook to make available to members ? Me and malc would definitely have 1 each for our 200p's
  2. nice. availability? do you image with it in place too?
  3. slightly thicker lines added to pics above. i guess a slightly smaller pcb pic and then enlarge the schematic may balance it.
  4. Been a great thread this has. Malc do you think the pin and pad 8/13 etc is confusing. It was to me and I had many pm's asking for confirmation. I was going to do a guide with just the pin number on the female socket and male sides ?
  5. if you used shapcap to capture here will be a notepad for every capture with the settings used was it lx mode as you didn't say in op? raw too?
  6. is it a new scope. thats terrible surely that basic stuff should be done before dispatch?
  7. oh wow thats pukka. RESPECT those cables will route lovely now . :p
  8. ^both interesting. Doger were you driving the lego motor with a motor? how has it been up to now?
  9. can a spc900 do better sharpness and detail? just so beamish has something to aim for or is that all he can get?
  10. morgan computers Tony. Morgan Computers SPC880 (900) Clicky
  11. i had (honestly) concidered very similar. i was going to still house my pcb in the cam as i have, but change the cable to accommdate the number of wires needed in one then split the cable at the plug end for usb and serial . not sure if any sreening would have been needed and that may add to the overall diameter of cable/weight. but yes should be nice Malc. my only other slight regret for perfection is i should have made the cables side entry so it would look neater in the focuser without a "loop" of cable
  12. some light gathering soon then rog pics of your creation?
  13. if i'm right aperture won't change the size of object in ep. ?
  14. I notice your backlight is adjusted and contrast. These 2 settings have never made a visual difference on mine, as if they do not work! ?
  15. i think they are brill. can't wait to dabble myself post the settings notepad malc if you wouldn't mind
  16. i guess i'm on here alot more than i would if i could actually get the equipment i want. so to kill the wait. it would seem a huge hike in equipment demand in recent months so what about forum activity? anyone got any forum activity history data?
  17. how was it resolved ? simple pull up resistor arrangement or similar? no electronics knowledge btw just interested
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