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  1. any update to likely hood? weather and trajectory and same scheduled launch time?
  2. is the zoom infinite? i'm sure i only saw 400%?
  3. Respect to that man right there^ i love 1 off's homemade but almost look oem for the quality
  4. repost http://stargazerslounge.com/astro-lounge/138993-relax.html
  5. Hi Cat, thanks for the links. although i'm fully aware how to. its just getting the kit at very short notice. i'm ridiculously impulsive! that lot was made in 4.27mins of getting a scope/mount/figuring out how to, with some wires i had under the sink as it were and the urge to have it btw i'm very happy
  6. some interesting reading/ideas http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/128497-remote-goto-control-distance-wiring-protocols-etc.html
  7. looks good. not sure why your struggling with keeping on ccd. i had Saturn virtually indefinitely centered last night. it was uncanny good to be fair
  8. lets just say its complicated lol lots of cable and some jiggery pokery had to label it all. will be simple and compact soon single cable etc all pc control:headbang: . . .
  9. sw 130p no barlow spc900 in avi mode 3000frames cut to 1900 or 900 forget which as expected or could do better? quick play in regi did not bring any detail.
  10. got all my comms in place and focusing/slewing/imagining all from in the house is awesome saturn currently being avi'd up
  11. I sometimes get tripped up with the com port changing when I come to setup again if I've put it away after testing /playing. Then the other toughy is FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. If its not focused you wont even get the moon.
  12. before align before optimize etc? do you crop in registax or use a regular photo program?
  13. heath robinson dead? i don't think so! anyway lol. fashioned it on. brilliant. just needs one of you super shed types who has a 8 axis laser guided cnc miller to make a bracket to duplicate the original and incorporate a spacer and shoulders to take strain of the lateral twisting load onto to the bracket phew. pics . . . tried to remember as much as i could from technical drawing at school a very very long time ago lol. the red is the shape/profile of the existing clamp/holder .
  14. i just toggle the switch and change control type in software. no cables need unplugging
  15. the trip to shed couldn't wait! lol. put my lets have look cap on. figured it out. it was uber tight tho thought the shaft would break !!!! it was lock tightened in. . . i'll prob do a whole thread as there is a few more bits required to fit.
  16. ok so you didn't list my sw 130p.grrrrr it looks like it will attach with some simple mods but getting the thumb wheel off the shaft i don't want to break it so if anyone has done it and confirm it just needs more leverage than i can muster with my bear hands/arms then i'll head to the shed
  17. thx biz. next prob. will a SW focuser take a SW auto focuser? the thumb will is properly on! so what to use some mechnical pressure? .
  18. yep totally been waiting for a deal from the start :-) up
  19. does your sharpcap contrast not make any difference? infact i think even the spc program itself doesn't either. would be good to have a fix
  20. yes should have given better description. my bad. so the stars "appear" to revolve around polaris and for the large part for me from the northern hemisphere the stars move east to west. but when looking north all stars below horizontal of polaris move west to east. now my RA axis with scope attached has roughly 240° of movement. so i can only track stars 120° either side of a imaginary vertical through polaris. is this right? cg5-sw130p
  21. are there any regions that you can't track or require "not the norm" settings? the ball park is the area underneath polaris from the north hemi
  22. are these stops mechanical or electrical? i.e the motor stops by a limit switch? wouldn't be good if its mechnical and the motor continues to push ????
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