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  1. thanks for the replies guys - one set of Revelations ordered from FLO !
  2. Yeah I did read them which confused me more hence my posting.For this particular item has 50% good reviews and 50 % dissapointed which isnt much help !
  3. I'm about to order some of the revelation binos 15 x 70 binos and a cheap tripod and a Hama star 61 tripod . BUT I have just seem this on Amazon Celestron 21035 Travel Scope 70 Telescope: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics Does anyone have an experience of any of these items . I'm more in the casual/beginner class so a " Proper" scope is out of the question and redundancy has limited my budget somewhat ! Thanks PS I should add that all I be using it for is sitting in the back garden watching the skys so portability isnt that big an issue
  4. Thanks for the replies - I suppose I should have stated that I am using the naked eye at the moment but am planning to get some binos soon. Unfortunatley time and money are restricted so thats all I can do at the moment. I suppose my problem is 1 The scale and 2 The fact that some consellations are partly obscured by clouds so I cant see all the stars which make up the shape which is pretty abstract to begin with ! Still I'm enjoying myself at the moment - and orion has looked amazing the last couple of nights Good advice about the Sky at Night mag and Cancer 56 whats wrong wth beards
  5. Hi New to all of this and I have decided that instead of getting a telescope I just learn the night sky for the time being. I'm begining to feel a bit overwhelmed as I'm having trouble making out some of the constellations . Whats the best way of learning them , the way I see it either I learn some of the brighter stars nearby or I just learn then by referencing a familar location such as Orion . Any advice ?
  6. Hi , First post here so be kind I decided to get into astronomy as I realised that I wouldnt need to spend thousands on pounds on a telescope . So armed with a star chart and a set of binoculars I have decided to explore the night sky. Everynight for the last 2 weeks I've looked up but seen nothing but cloud. Is this normal for this time of year , or is it just my luck ? Cheers
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