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  1. Hi Rob, any chance of a 2012 calendar? Or can you point me to it if you've done one already? Ta
  2. Thanks everyone - going to give the QX a miss, but have found the 5000 for just £42 at Telescope House the UK No.1 for Telescopes and Binoculars since 1785, they've got a bank holiday sale on if anyone's looking for new stuff.
  3. Great advice guys, I didn't get a barlow with the scope, Moonshine, but I like you're thinking. 26Left, can you suggest a website for Baader Hyperion you mention, would be interesting to see how the price matches up - also what are fine tuning rings? Sounds like they turn a normal ep into some sort of zoom ep?
  4. I just can't work out what would be a better bet for my 150x1200/f8 dob. I'm looking at getting a low power wide angle ep for some nice big sky and dso viewing. Am looking at 30 and 36mm 2" Meade QX eps, but don't know if the limit of my scope will make one an obvious choice over the other. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what would be better? Also looking at one high power ep for planets and am thinking of the 5.5mm Meade 5000 suoer plossl. But would the approx x220 mag be too hard to use or be to high for the seeing on most nights? Any thoughts gratefully received!
  5. It also occurred to me that at this time of year we probably have the smallest changes between day and night temperatures.
  6. I thought that the winter was suppossed to be better for 2 reasons: 1) The earth hasn't heated up as much during the day, therefore there is less disturbance when it cools at night. 2) In the winter the planets will be higher in the sky -as at night they are in the constellations where we find the sun in summer. Therefore we are looking through less atmosphere at them. I'm quite new to this still so there maybe other reasons I've not considered though... My guess is that you're improving your skills.
  7. SGL has triumphed again - I pasted all the comments into an email and sent them on, and low and behold he has fixed his problem - it was a focussing issue after all. Thanks everyone for your input.
  8. I've been away for Easter, but shall share all these pearls of wisdom next week when back at work. Thanks once again for the great responses. I'll update again to let you know if anyone hit the jackpot as it were...
  9. Nice thinking Dan, I'll check that with him after Easter. Thanks for the advice everyone
  10. Apparently all was in place correctly, so is it safe to assume the lenses are out and he should send it back?
  11. Hi everyone, a work colleague of mine has bought his son a refractor Celestron Astromaster - but can't see anything through it. All he sees is white, whether during the day or night. He says he can't see anything obviously wrong and thinks it may be faulty. I said I would ask the wonderful folk on SGL if they had any answers. Let me know if you have any solutions or need any more info to help solve the problem. Thanks
  12. Cheers for the advice Adam, yeah, about 100 quid is the limit. Think I'll take the plunge on the TMB, I was thinking the 6mm would be about right. Still need to do more research on the DSO ep though.
  13. Great thread - glad I stumbled across it, as I've decided it's time to think about some more eps than just the 2 plossls that came with my dob. One for deep sapce (maybe a 2" long focal length and wide angle) and one higher power for planets - and with a baby on the way I don't want to spend much - the TMB planetaries seem perfect for the later (planets not bables), only thing - what size would best suit a 150 Dob??
  14. Seems I wasn't the only one thwarted by dew last night. After a beautiful day, tonight it is the more familiar cloud that will spoil the fun. Oh well, such is life. Today hasn't quite gone to plan, especially events in Dublin. Thanks for all the advice once again, seems like everyone has there favorite was of combating dew. I have a garage and an old camping mat and some perseverance so I'll beat it in the end. Night all.
  15. Thanks for all the tips, the main problem seemed to be the eps and I kept them capped until I wanted to use them. Although the secondary mirror may also have been wet, but I couldn't tell. The primary looked okay. Are dew shields effective on Newtonians or are they more for refractors and scopes with front lenses? Regarding the eps, is it best to keep them indoors til the last minute or let them cool too but maybe in a box or something to prevent dewing? I like the idea of cooling in the garage Mike, I'll try that in future. Thanks again for all the help, it's all these little bits of knowledge sharing that make this such a great forum for beginners.
  16. All set up to show my wife Saturn tonight -beautifully clear and apart from a very bright moon everything seemed perfect. I even put the scope out ready way in advance all set up with the right ep. Tonight, at last, she would be spellbound... until conden-blumming-sation ruined everything, had a better view just with thine eyes thanI could get with the scope! Now then, is this a problem with spring/summer viewing, with the big drops in overnight temperature? And is there anything I can do...? Also once mirrors and eps have got wet is it better to let them dry out before replacing dust caps - or better to prevent the dust and hope the warmth of indoors evaporates the water beneath the cap? Humph!!!
  17. Or maybe under the car seat.... that's always a good bet for anything lost
  18. I had the same dilemma - and went for the 6 inch - although that's really cos I only gave myself a £200 budget. From what I've heard elsewhere it boils down to the 8" will allow more light gathering and, therefore, to see slightly fainter things but the 6" has a longer focal ratio, meaning it will be more forgiving to use, there's is also more money in the pot to purchase extra eyepieces etc. If money wasn't a concern I would probably have gone for the 8" - but I am very happy with the 6" - but not having tried both I cannot say which would be best. (nice bit of fence sitting at the end there...)
  19. Httetal

    Hi from Devon

    Hi thabo, another devonian here - I work in Torbay, but live on t'other side of the Dart. I read somewhere that Torbay council were going to turn off 3/4's of the street lights - that'll help the little light pollution I get in my lower north-west sky but will be great for you. Welcome to lthe lounge.
  20. I thought it was a bit slow moving - but it did improve in the last 10 minutes, and I wonder if the perception of time he had built throughout the programme would not have been so hard-hitting at the end without the first 50 mins...? Still - onto better things next week....?
  21. I had my first view on Saturday too! was quite low in the sky still at 11pm but I think I did very briefly see the Cassini division. Was a great way to improve my dob nudging skills as I couldn't take my eye off it for at least 30 mins. Can't wait for it to be higher in the coming months (or to stay up later) and hopefully get better views.
  22. Seen the trailer but not when it was due to air - thanks for the info (I, too, am obviously behind the times) I trust you won't be watching then Jeremy...? Personally I find his enthusism for the subject infectious and certainly WotSS enlightened me greatly - particularly how interesting other planets moons are. I have to say I thought Star gazing Live was a big let down though - would have been much better with just the Prof hosting it and not with D o'B trying to be clever at every opportunity - can he ever shut up?.
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