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  1. Today I received my t mount through the post and was just itching to use it!! I could'nt wait till the sun went down so I screwed the mount onto the focuser then mount the camera to the scope. I focused it on a nearby wall no problems. Come to focus on a star and I just can focus on it at all... the nearest I can get is when I focus all the way in and hits the stop, but its still way out. What am I missing? some sort of additional lens/barlow? scope is a skywatcher 130p and camera is Sony alpha 290
  2. I think its helpful to think that the universe does not have an edge and just keeps going. The way I think of the universe is a infinently large piece of rubber with 1cm squares all over. At the big bang the squares were all 1cm still, and 14bn years later the 1cm squares are now 3cm big. Also I my head this is why we get red-shift because the light waves have been stretched by the expanding universe. But this is the model of the universe from my head, by no means fact!
  3. I cant wait for my son to grow up so!!! I think 4months old is pushing it a bit! Although he's got a night light with the constellations on, that's fun to look at!
  4. Her line was if its too cloudy to hang washing on the line then its too cloudy for 'telescoping' thus would be fine to hang washing over the beloved scope.. I think the point was missed!
  5. really? I cant figure out why it would have that effect. Isn't it like sanding on a boat and blowing the sails to move? quote "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"? I am probably wrong though, I just don't get the physics behind this one.. (someone prove me wrong )
  6. glad the preceding fit I had after seeing that wasn't an over reaction!
  7. Does anyone else have the problem of coming home from work to find a wet bed sheet hung over the scope drying!??! Grr...
  8. Okay so the model of the universe that is now in my head is; The big bang is a bit of a inaccurate description, but a sufficient pointer to the "moment" when the universe rapidly expanded at every point along dimensions "x/y/z/time"(<- thinking aloud is that spacetime?) (thinking aloud again, it expanded because it was hot? and the only way to cool would be to expand?) (note I have spent the last 40mins writing and rewriting the above paragraph!!)
  9. Hey all posted this a week or two else where on the forum, and was suggested I post it here too. WorldWide Telescope Its really quite good! Especially the guided tours that are narrated as well.
  10. well I thought it was x100 times better than all that other muck they put on the TV
  11. Yeah, in hindsight probably should of posted there! perhaps a mod could move this thread
  12. I've been pondering again! The big bang... what was it? what I'm getting at is, was the universe started in a single point or did it come to be in all places at the same time? The reason I ask this question is because in my mind if all the "stuff" in the universe was in the same point in space, or even near to being in the same place why didn't it collapse in on its self as a blackhole? My understanding of blackholes are that they are very heavy things that collapse on their own gravity, and that no amount of energy can escape the event horizon once it has passed.
  13. Has anyone checked out the Microsoft Worldwide telescope? WorldWide Telescope I just found it, its really quite good! Especially the guided tours that are narrated as well.
  14. Hey All I'm looking for some constructive critique on my website I've built for the astro community. Not sure what the rules are on posting links to other sites so if your interested in taking a look and giving me some feedback please PM me and I'll send you the link!
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