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  1. Very nice image. I also like the close up images of this target but this is unique and is a great image, well done
  2. OH WOW!! That is possibly the best image of Saturn I have ever seen Well done
  3. Hi and welcome Nice shot too with what looks like an amazing telescope!
  4. Erm...wow! Not the sort of telescope where you pop down to your local Astro shop and hand over the cash
  5. Great image. If you were going to add more, I am sure it would be even better
  6. Like you said, it might not look like much but if you know what it is then it is amazing. Great capture
  7. Managed to get the comet again tonight. I had already seen it using my bins but I thought it was time to use the scope. Quite hard to find with a narrow FOV compared to the bins. So glad I have seen it in the bins and scope now
  8. I believe I have just seen the comet in my 7x50's. Very pleased and it didn't seem as low as I though (around half way between moon and horizon) so I am very happy. Got some pictures but they are taken from a compact camera so not very good but you can just about see it
  9. I believe they are talking about ISON later on in the year when it could be very bright.
  10. Hi milosz, I have just downloaded the trail for PixInsight as I noticed it was free and it was the full version. What do I do in it to get the images that I then put into PhotoShop? Do I need to put all the images taken in it to stack them to hopefully stop this effect or do I need to do something different? Thanks in advance
  11. That sounds pretty good so I may have a look
  12. Yes that's what I thought. Also, I have not used any other stacking software as I'm not sure what is good but also free. Thanks for the help too
  13. Thanks Mick. As some of you may have seen, the stars in the corners don't overlap despite it being taken on the same telescope but on different nights. Is there anyway I could get rid of this as it may be my bad processing or the stacking in DSS that caused this. I will post the images if anybody would like to take a look
  14. Hi Martin, I have managed to do what I wanted to do even though it isn't the best image. Thanks for the advice though
  15. Thanks for the tip which I have done. Hope it looks better
  16. Hi, I have just processed my first image that was taken using T14 with the help of iTelescope. The data is 7 x 600s of HA and OIII each. I tried to create a bi-color using this http://billsnyderast...m/?page_id=2358 but it was my first time processing an image and using photoshop so it isn't the best. If anybody would like me to post the original HA and OIII data then I would be happy to do that. Any advice of what to change or anything would be great as this is my first real image and first time processing. Jack
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