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  1. Spaceboy he even went out of his way (after we had made it clear we were taking the car) to point out a couple of small issues such as a slight tear in the door panel leather, that we hadn't even noticed, and agreed to get them all fixed for us before we would collect the car, all at no extra cost to us. Going the extra mile (or being perceived to) really makes an impression on customers. Like so many others have said, people will almost always return if the service is good even if it means paying slightly more for it.
  2. Thank god I'm not alone in finding conversations about soaps completely mind-numbing! While I do quite enjoy x-factor for the sheer comedy value (not my style of music at all) I simply can't understand how people get so involved in something that is at best poorly written (and acted!) fiction...
  3. lol Further evidence in the case against astrology - I just tried to google "astrology faq" to see if there were any explanations for the "discrepancies" we have mentioned above and my in work web filter blocked access to the sites because: QED!
  4. I've had some unbelievable bad service experiences over the years and while I think I've maintained a pretty balanced view about shops v internet sales I have to agree I think the OP was treated badly. Personally if I buy something online I look for my support and advice on forums and the like, shops are still the place I go to for some purchases tho, you just can't beat holding something in your hands or seeing how it actually works before it is delivered to your home. Bad experiences stick with me for a long time though and would put me off going back to a shop or referring anyone else to it. I think one of the biggest mistakes made by sales people is to assume they know what you want or what you are "capable" of buying. For example my husband and I went to a main car dealership to look at buying an Audi A6... From the moment the salesman saw us his attitude seemed to be that he was humouring us as we couldn't possibly afford the car given our age (and the fact we weren't exactly in our best outfits compared to some of the other buyers!). He constantly tried to speak past me to my husband despite the fact I was the one asking the questions and he kept leading us to smaller, older cars that he thought woudl suit us, ignoring completely everything we said we wanted! When we finally saw one we like he refused to budge more than £50 on the asking price (given the market the car was overpriced by at least £3k but as we really liked the car we were just looking for a reasonable movement) and so we left. 2 days later he phoned to say they had another car (still nothing close to what we were looking for) that was almost £8k cheaper than the one we were looking at and it felt great to be able to tell him we weren't in the market to change any more as we had left his shop and went straight down the road to the local Jaguar dealer and ended up buying an x-type instead! Difference in dealers was huge and the service offered was second to none. Would definitely go back to Jag and even spend more than we probably want just for the experience and the staff.
  5. Naval Criminal Investigative Service Sort of like CSI but with more humour, better characters and better storylines Amazing series! I'm in awe of Abbey's lab and the super geeky stuff she gets to do every day Just waiting for season 8 to pick up again from the break they have randomly taken in the middle of showing it on sky...
  6. I would say I have always been interested as much in boys toys as girls ones. Being an only child my mum and dad were happy to go along with whatever interested me whether that be She-ra or Scalextric and I never remember being told "that's not for girls".. I loved building things... and taking things apart... just generally understanding how things work. I guess it was only a quick hop into the world of physics and astronomy as I tried to work out how we all fit into the wider universe and what makes the earth tick. My hubby is an engineer by trade and so he has similar interests although he has always left looking up at the sky to me. I think the main reason he bought me my telescope is so he can sit inside in the warm house with his Warhammer miniatures while I stand outside freezing finding interesting things for him to come and occasionally look at
  7. Thankfully our 2 cats don't really like the cold so the closest they come to keeping me company outside is sitting on top of the still warm boiler house looking at me as if I am crazy for staying out for so long!
  8. All us astrologers need to sign this petition as well... Astrological Association of Great Britain
  9. I've been doing the same Great post Astro Baby, brightened up a Friday afternoon no end
  10. I would love to try some imaging to share the whole view with family and friends but for now i'm being selfish and unless they want to come and stand in my garden with me and freeze then they aren't seeing anything
  11. Will give it a look when I get home
  12. Great picture Have jsut been showing everyone in my office so they can understand what I was looking at last night (albeit my view wasn't quite so sharp and detailed )
  13. I quite enjoyed Dara being on there, and I agree that I think it was to try and stop Prof Cox from getting too heavily into the science stuff that it might turn off some of the people who aren't that familiar with their inner geek yet I do think it could be better put together though in terms of them talking over each other but I think alot of their planned sections were thrown off by the lack of clear skies so they were winging it even more than they had anticipated. While I wasn't the greatest fan of J Ross, H Hill would have made me turn off despite my interest in the subject.. can't stand him! Suzy Perry might have been a good alternative though but maybe she just isn't that into it...
  14. Forgot to mention the impact of seeing Hale Bopp from four different countries in '97... Think I geeked all my friends out talking about it while we were travelling!
  15. Just saw this tonight for the first time myself and it's amazing Even dragged my poor hubby out in the freezing cold wearing nothing but his work shirt and trousers to make him look as well Next on the "must see" list is andromeda but I'm not having much luck with it as I think it is hiding behind our house most of the time! Need to get some nice (dark) open ground to have a look...
  16. I saw one last night about ten past 7 round about Orion. We were driving home from work and I just happened to look at the side window at the right time, was very bright and perfect view as it was so clear
  17. I've heard they are thinking of doing it quarterly to cover each season Personally I really enjoyed it, even though the clouds were as thick as mud over here the whole time it was on!
  18. Jealous! Hoping for clear skies this weekend when I can stay up late / get up early for my first look
  19. Really nice pics Would love to be able to take pics like these to share what I see with friends and family but still getting used to just finding and seeing things myself!
  20. Always been interested in Physics from when I was wee - my mums favourite memories to share are the ones of me coming in to her and my dad when I was about 6 telling her all about quantum physics cuz I'd put my tv on dead early in the morning and had sat watching the OU programs! lol Then thanks to some brilliant teachers in school I was well and truly hooked and the idea that we are such small parts of something so huge we can't even grasp it always give me tingles. I had planned to specialise my degree in astrophysics but ended up switching to pure and applied maths instead (long story!) Would always spend the clear nights gawping up at the sky but just never had the nerve to go and spend the money on a telescope.. not sure why given my interest but hey! Thankfully my hubby took note and bought me my first scope for xmas just past and I've loved every minute I've been out since He already knows this is going to turn into my main expense but as he plays Warhammer 40K for his hobby and has spent a fortune on buying Star Wars collectables he can't complain!
  21. I must have the wrong sort of friends as talking about astronomy and other science stuff has been the basis of many good nights!
  22. Was trying to find Andromeda last night (to no avail) but never really thought about the full moon making it harder - or at least that's now my excuse for not finding it! Obviously didn't annoy me too much though as I spent well over an hour and a half just amazed by all the stars in that area of the sky
  23. My hubby currently takes the same dose of the same medication as part of his treatment for his ME but I have to say he hasn't appeared to have any issues with his night vision. Hard to say though given I didn't have a telescope when he was well so might just be too faint to notice under normal circumstances. Can never say for sure when its not one person comparing before and after.
  24. Thanks all, I've just installed Stellarium and have had some great fun playing with it already! Don't think my husband has ever had such peaceful nights since he bought me my telescope - he might have done it years ago if he had realised! I'll have a read about the EPs tomorrow at lunch at see what I want to get
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