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  1. The EQ2/3 won't be man enough for your 200PDS. The EQ5 with motors whilst not great may be adequate. I would suggest you save for a bit longer and get an HEQ5 or better still an NEQ6.
  2. I'd second the side by side idea. If yours has the carry handle you could bolt another plate or dovetail to that to mount your camera on. Also I think you can get a bracket that fits on the your counter weight bar.
  3. Really good barlow are par focal meaning you shouldn't need to adjust focus, in practice and for most of us that can't afford them then yes you will need to adjust focus, how much and which way depends on the barlow you are using
  4. You have a number of choices but it's not clear what environment you are taking about, is the connection in the shed or outside so needs to be waterproof? Also over what distance are you taking about from your shed to your rig? If it's too long you can suffer from voltage drop with DC. As you are talking about a trailing socket I'd consider the plug and socket you see on garden electric tools If that doesn't appeal then go along to your local Maplins and see what they have.
  5. No not tried Deepsky stacker. Yes, I usually stack FITS from a CCD. I'll try converting the RAWs to TIFFs and try that. Thanks
  6. I've stacked 10 subs of comet Lovejoy in Maxim (DSLR RAW's) The resultant image looks OK but a bit of a red tinge, however when I try and save it as a fit, png or jpeg and open it the background is bright red and the comet yellow instead of green. What am I doing wrong?
  7. I notched mine for the dovetail with a velcrow strap to give it a bit of tension, stuck it together with black duck tape and flockked the inside which was stuck with spray carpet adhesive, I've used this for lining boxes as well.
  8. Unfortuntely we're not all as lucky having a dad who is an engineer, mine was a Newsagent!
  9. Mine is about 4 years old, it has the dimable polar scope LED, I also have an NEQ6 and to be honest I prefer using the HEQ5. As has been said before just make sure it slews smoothly and should not be very noisy, check that it has the nMost recent firmware update 3.27?
  10. Have a look at the thread on "Buying a telescope for my other half" in Getting started general help and advise. There are 110 replies to that which should give you much to go on.
  11. You could make one for a fraction of that. OK, it's only an NEQ6 but the principle is the same.
  12. Yes I'd speak to FLO, don't touch it yourself. I have a GT81 from them which was ex demo but the optics were perfect.
  13. I wouldn't take it apart until you have tried adjusting it.
  14. The new WO focusers are OK, not quite as good as a feather touch though. I have a GT81 which has a rack and pinion focuser. The Esprit scopes are also good I've heard but ive not used one. The WO Star 71 is a new scope, I wouldn't buy one until you have read a good few reviews, the early gt 81s had issues so I didn't buy mine until they had been sorted out.
  15. If you cannot find anything off the shelf to fit you could make your own.
  16. No I didn't say it would work with a wedge, just that the controller will work in both modes.
  17. Hay Man, you live in California, what's the problem going outside?
  18. I have used the same controller on both AZ and EQ mounts, as the manual says the controller switches between modes on initialisation.
  19. I wasn't sure of the name of the clone types but have seen what look like very similar ones for sale. I cannot vouch for the quality of them but wouldn't mind betting they are made in the same Chineese factory. Just as a ps to my last post, the ones I have are 6.7, 8.8, 14 UWA and 24 and 34mm SWA's. I also have a Baader Hyperion Clickstop Zoom 8-24mm which is also very good and more versatile but with a zoom there are always compromises in terms of fov and aberrations, not that many people would notice though.
  20. As others have said, very much out of focus. By the way, Jupiter is not a deep sky object as its in our solar system. Deep sky objects are other galaxies, nebulae, etc,. Don't worry about asking question, we all have to start somewhere!
  21. I have the Meade 5000 Ultra Wides in 14, 8 and 6.7mm as well as 24 and 30mm Super Wides, they are all very good but clones are available. All give crisp bright views.
  22. The WOZ 66 is a great little scope, I've had 3 in the past. Mounted on a 12" Vixen type dovetail bar on an HEQ5 for AP.
  23. If you are in no hurry, buy a good pair of binos and save for your shed and the scope you really want.
  24. I think the function is only available on 3.3 and above and is not available at all on older mounts. Try polar aligning before you switch on the power, if you do this just as Polaris appears you won't need any illumination, if you do need some light to illuminate the reticle just shine a red torch over the edge of the top hole, control the brightness with your thumb over the lens. You need to be a bit of a contortionist to do it on your own but it's how I used to do it before I found out how to dim the LED. If you find yours is non adjustable I think there is a thread somewhere on here on how to modify the circuit and add in a rheostat to turn it down.
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