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  1. last thing ... to fit my Nikon D700 DSLR to the 80ED do i just buy a T mount ring m42*0.75 ... is this the correct T ring i need ? Thanks again ..
  2. Hi ... I have a 80ED refractor which takes the usual 2" accessories ... although comes supplied with 1.25" lenses. What are the benefits of 2" lenses and barlow lenses etc over the small and often cheaper 1.25" accessories ... Thanks
  3. thanks for the information .. .very much appreciated. As im using this 80ED scope on my Full frame D700 i assume i will be getting a full 600mm magnification. If i use a 1.5 cropped sensor like the Nikon D3200 will i then be getting a larger magnification like i do with my Nikon lenses .... does it work the same ? Thanks again ...
  4. thanks for the reply ... will there be any significant vignetting ( if any ) with this combination of scope and DSLR .. ?
  5. sorry for the spelling mistake in title .... should read refractor ... lol
  6. Hi all ... I will be buying a friends Celestron 80ED refractor and mount. Initially i will be attaching my Nikon D700 to it for get some basic shots of the moon until i begin to understand things a little more. Are the scope and DSLR a good match to do this with ? Any advice most welcome ... thanks Keith
  7. Yes .. .thanks for the replies. I will look at some of the links and give them a try ..
  8. Also what would be the best exposure times to use for stacking. I will be using a Nikon D700 - 28-70mm Nikkor - Sturdy manfrotto tripod. Is RAW the most suitable mode or jpeg ? Obviously i'm not using a motorised system so will only be able to get star trails etc. If i wish to progress to shooting a stacked and tracked object with a longer Nikkor lens what would be a good motorised mount to buy at a reasonable price ..
  9. As a beginner in Astrophotography i would like to know the simplest way to stack images. As a photogrpaher i am quite used to Adobe CS5 but never really used it for Astrophotography apart from editing single RAW and jpeg images. Can Astro image stacking be done in CS5 directly or would i need a plugin of sorts. Failing that what other program would be suitable for a beginner .. thanks
  10. think these are repeats ... first shown in 2004 i believe ..
  11. wouldn't mind attending this event ... not too far from me either .. Do any dealers attend these events selling their Astro goodies ?
  12. Thanks for the info everyone .... appreciated As for eyepieces ... which would you say are good ones to start off with ?
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