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  1. Hi Tim and welcome, which part of the country are you in, because i remember seeing a map of some sort on here showing you the local/best shops.
  2. Hi steve, respect to the advice you have received so far, here's an alternative view point just for a bit of balance... The two scopes you have mentioned meet two different requirements, much as bigger diameter is best for most things, you have to consider weight and portability along with 'immediate enjoyment (and learning) factor'. I went down the 4SE route because it's compact, very portable, durable and well built, you can turn up-plug in-align-start scoping in under five mins (once the scope temp has normalised, even better) its fully go-to, provides basic tracking functions (and a basi
  3. Wall to wall cloud, 2.3degrees and 16mph wind, that makes my bit of sussex a... put another log on the fire and read the forum night
  4. Best of luck whatever route you take
  5. Black cardboard and some sticky tape, job done.... However!!! a point of warning to the suggestions about painting... Dont paint them if you intend to fold them away because the paint will flake and go powdery (especially on foam!!) this flaky stuff will be more than happy to infest your nice clean shiny optics
  6. This lot put my humble celestron case to shame - one day, dreams.....
  7. Hello and a warm welcome to SGL from sussex. I remember the pale yellow skies from when i lived in Bounds Green, just up the road from you. I sincerely hope you find something to view, good luck to you.
  8. Hello and a warm welcome to SGL from sussex.
  9. .Hello and a warm welcome to SGL from sussex.
  10. Photohound


    Hello Simon and a warm welcome to SGL.
  11. Hi and a big welcome from me also...
  12. Hi, i have the 20Da and 50D (same body shells - so similar weight i guess). The only suggestions i can make are... a) no battery grips or unnecessary accessories attached to body - just a wireless remote possibly. slacken off the knurled knob that fixes the scopes tube to the mount arm, slide the tube forward - towards the sky, if you like - as much as you feel is still secure, and retighten the knob. This should help counterbalance the camera as much as poss. I've also been tempted to add a counterweight to the front end of the scopes tube somehow - but haven't needed to yet, because a) and
  13. Hi PB, thanks - i have registax 5.1 loaded at the mo, whats the real term pro's and con's?
  14. cheers dennis, that is a good start - many thanks Anymore 'easy reading' suggestions or comments on the 'white-blue-red dots' gratefully accepted.
  15. Photohound

    HI all

    Hello and welcome from another new dark side bloke... as JBM mentioned the dark side has its drawbacks - my first black hole was my bank account - good luck..
  16. Newcomers feedback - still cant find an up-to-date glossary of terms, especially for imaging, the gloss' i found was dated 2005 and doesnt have the words 'dark' or 'frame' in it - doh! HELP:icon_scratch:
  17. from looking at the reply dates, i guess this thread is drying up, so maybe i should look further afield, but just in case someone is still following.... As a newb it would really help me (and probably others) to gain info from this thread if someone could give a glossary of the terms used here. i'm familiar with the hot pixel theory, just getting into astro imaging now - all this dark frame, flat, white pixel, non zero sky, master dark etc.... when i study 'lens cap' shots of my DSLRs i see a couple of pure white squares, a couple of blue smudges - oval i think, and a few red blobs too. Sorry
  18. Hi dweebostar, nice image, can i just ask... are you running windows7 by any chance? ultimate, maybe? if so, whats the drivers for your canon, and what firmware version is the 20da running.
  19. excellent work - this is very interesting indeed, better start planning my next hols accordingly!!!
  20. Lucky man with the scope - have fun and a warm welcome.
  21. Hi, welcome from down south in Sussex.
  22. Heaven 17 - well i never!!! (they are still touring you know!!!) welcome to the forum.
  23. I started imaging the moon for the first time this week (on the 18th - basic stuff, single exposures, practising focus etc...) and now i have something to compare, thank you for sharing this fab example.
  24. A quick hello from Worthing, where it seems to be sunny all day and cloudy all night - lol.
  25. Hi steve, i'm a newbie here myself, but to give you an insight into my approach to this question... the type of scope may well depend on whether you will be viewing from home (may be too much light pollution?) or taking your new toys out to a dark spot, whatever. So... big may not be beautiful at whatever price. I personally chose a small GOTO (computerised, motor-driven) scope setup with gps and camera adaptor so that i can go 'anywhere' and just look at whats about, this sort of set-up on fleabay could set you back less than a couple of hundred, and you can always stick it back on the bay wh
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