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  1. Jeff, The previous poster is coming tomorrow to check it out and will almost certainly buy but I'll let you know if it doesn't go ahead. Regards David
  2. Astronomy items sale. I am selling a lot of my astro equipment as I am stopping my home based activity and restricting my astronomy to mobile binocular based. Details and prices below. Any questions please ask. : Skywatcher dovetail bar 33.5cm Some marks but perfectly functional £10 inc postage : Baader Microstage 6030 digital camera adapter for mounting compact cameras to scope eyepiece. £15 inc postage. : Velcro binocular tripod clamp for binoculars that do not have tripod mounting socket. £8 inc postage. : rubber floor cable protectors one 90cm one 110cm £10 inc postage for the two. : Black powder coated steel bolt down observatory pier. £250 Collection only due to weight. If you would like any further info get back to me.
  3. Hello, If you're still looking for an HEQ5Pro then I have one coming up for sale but I haven't advertised it here yet. I have been selling off all my observatory based stuff and going over to mobile binocular based astronomy. Apart from a few small bits and pieces the main items I still have for sale are. : : HEQ5Pro mount with power lead, hitec astro usb interface, two weights, hand controller. The mount has some marks especially on the weights but functions as it should and guides well when computer based with PHD and a finder guider. I'm looking for £300 for the mount : HEQ5 pillar to pier adapter puck. £20 : Black powder coated steel bolt down observatory pier. £250 If you would like any further info get back to me. I'm in County Durham.
  4. For everyone interested in the TS70. I should say the small focus lock screw underneath the Crayford does not tighten properly. You could replace with an oversize screw but I never needed to. This has never been an issue with me but might be an issue if you put a very heavy camera on the tube. I've had an Atik 314 on it and it holds fine under its own friction.
  5. Astronomy items sale. I am selling a lot of my astro equipment as I am stopping my home based activity and restricting my astronomy to mobile binocular based. Details and prices below. All prices include carriage. Images of all these items can be viewed at https://2e0ftd.wixsite.com/astro-items Payment by cash or bank transfer only please Bahtinov Mask Clamp on Bahtinov Mask/ Lens Cap by AstroZap with 3 securing screws. Fits 178-190mm OD tubes. Central screw opens and closes the mask elements for taking darks. I used this very successfully on an ED80. See the weblink above for images. £15 inc carriage. --------------------------------------- Minox MD72 spotting scope with zoom eyepiece - £160 ------------------------------------------- 15mm T2 Extension with 1.25" internal brass clamp One tightening screw £7 Images of these items can be viewed at https://2e0ftd.wixsite.com/astro-items Payment by cash or bank transfer only please
  6. Frank, I’ve someone else from last night with first refusal at the moment. If he falls through I’ll get back to you. I’ll let you know either way. Thanks for the interest. Cheers David
  7. Funcube Dongle Pro + SDR usb dongle in good working order. Comes with SMA lead and SMA to pl259 adapter. Driver installs automatically on Windows 10. I have been using it successfully with the free SDR Sharp software for SW listening and also with Spectrum Lab for meteor detection. Go to this page for specifications specifications £65 including postage. Thanks for looking. David in Wolsingham County Durham Posted: Sun, 28 Jan. 2018 Expires: Wed, 7 Feb. 2018
  8. hello, I have a Canon geoptik adapter (£85 new) and finder base attachment (£25 new)which I can sell you. I've gone over to micro 4/3 camera and no longer have any canon lenses. Asking £50 + postage at cost. Can send pics if you're interested. Cheers David
  9. 115' from me is east of the Graves bearing but I have a much lower horizon in that direction. Directly at Graves I have a fairly sizeable ridge in the way. The pickup beam on my Yagi is about 60' so essentially I'm looking at approx 85' to 145'. I do get fewer hits than those in the South of England but I do get them. 2.00 am to about 8.00 am seems the best time for me. I agree Spectrum lab is the way to go. Sitting listening for pings is soul destroying. Good luck. David
  10. I'm getting reflections from Graves up here in County Durham but found that two things made a difference as at first like you I wasn't getting anything at all at 143.049. I. My rtl sdr dongle displayed frequency wasn't accurate. I needed to set it at 143.048 displayed to get 143.049 actual. Your offset may be different. It also alters with temperature. There's a vhf beacon near maidstone which transmits at 143.430 which you might be able to use to calibrate your frequency if you can get line of sight. Look up gb3vhf on google. 2. I got better results with my yagi oriented horizontally and pointed at 115' from my location which is somewhat east of the Graves bearing from me. So It might be worth experimenting with different frequency offsets and different antenna bearings. Cheers David
  11. Hello, I've got one of these (Canon fit) together with the finder adapter which I would be willing to sell. Can send you photos if you like. Selling as I've migrated to micro 4/3 camera. Looking for £55 inc postage. Bank transfer preferred. Paypal add 10% to cover fees. I've also got the ts optics micro focusser 135mm size which worked well on my Canon 100-400 if you're interested. Really helps with fine focussing. link here http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p3286_Microfocuser-and-focus-lock-fuer-camera-lenses-up-to-D-135mm.html
  12. Steve, Try here http://radioastronomy.me.uk/html/script_for_automatic_meteor_event_recording.html This may be the one you want. Regards David
  13. Using a tripod on windy conditions it can help to hang something heavy like a camera bag underneath the centre column of the tripod. There is often a handy hook there for just that purpose. It really helps with stability.
  14. I had two sessions in the observatory in December both beset with technical problems. Went out last night and it poured with rain ten minutes into an imaging run. Out tonight and only managed 30 minutes of imaging before the clouds rolled back in. The winter of 2014/15 was much better.
  15. I have an 1100d which I originally used for daytime photography and also astro with an ED80pro scope. Easy to attach, light weight on the end of the scope. Easily controllable from pc or laptop with the native Canon software or third party programmes like APT or Backyard EOS (both very good). Mine is astro modded now but I got some pleasing results even unmodded. I think the 1200d would be a good choice.
  16. Went out six o'clock. Clear skies. Opened shed roof. switched everything on. Started to rain. Shut roof. Rain stopped. Opened roof. Went into warm room. Funny noises on roof. Really heavy rain now. Closed roof again. Half an hour later clear skies. Tried again. Mount working, camera working, guide cam working. Five minutes into first image computer crashes. Rebooted everything and finally by seven thirty I can start imaging. I sometimes wonder why we bother!
  17. I'm fairly sure there's a video on harrysastroshed.com that covers comet stacking.
  18. Saw the ISS go over through breaks in the cloud at 5.37. Went out to the observatory at 6.30. Had an hour viewing and imaging the moon then the clouds rolled back in. Still, better than nothing. First time I've managed to get in there for weeks.
  19. Aaaargh indeed! I haven't got a view from my observatory so have been trying from an upstairs window with a non dslr camera and 400mm lens. Got it all set up and acquired and then couldn't remember how to switch to manual focus on a camera I don't use for astro very much! Wasted 10 mins and only got a few frames as the moon was disapoearing behind the trees. Still a magnificent sight regardless. If only all our kit was as uncomplicated to use as our eyes! Good luck for the rest of your sequence.
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