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  1. What is the best type of beginners scope for Astro photography.

    1. Stickey


      As always, it depends.

      If you're after wide-field images of things like star clusters then a modest refractor would be suitable. The Skywatcher StarTravel 102 seems to get good reviews and is reasonably priced, although I don't have personal experience of it.

      If you're after planets and the Moon, again a refractor but of long focal length would suit well.

      If Deep Space Objects (DSOs) are your thing, then a modest reflector should be in your research. Telescopes of 130mm - 150mm aperture are reasonably affordable. There are several to chose from.

      However, the fainter the target objects, the longer the exposures you will need and that in turn means the better the mount you will need. At the very least, you will need a tracking mount for any astrophotography.

      There are some nice tracking mounts that will cope with either DSLRs + lenses or modest telescopes for visual, but as soon as you add a camera to a telescope, the mount needs to be a bit more powerful.

      Hope this helps.

      Good luck

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