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  1. I have recently finished the lazy Susan bearing mod, full guide below if you need it....... http://stargazerslounge.com/discussions-mounts/158264-just-finished-modding-my-dob-base.html Regards, Daz
  2. Cheers guys, that's good to know. Never noticed any threads on my stock ep's so will have a look later. Thanks once again.
  3. Hi. Not sure if in the correct section so here goes..... Looking at getting a UHC filter (either Baader or Skywatcher) and was just wondering how they fit in the ep and do these filters fit all makes of ep? Currently have standard ep's at the mo but will be upgrading in the near future, so just concerned about how they fit etc. Cheers guys, Daz.
  4. Yeah, I would say it is worthwhile. I only ever use when looking for DSO that are hard to find with the naked eye, it just gets you in roughly the right angle, then a bit of left and right here and there and you tend to find what you are after. The only trouble is you have to get it really, really level for it to be of any use. I have a laser level device at home for when hanging shelves etc, so I use that. You only have to be a degree out in setting it and you will miss your object completly.
  5. Fantastic. Glad it has worked out for you. Shame about the glides sticking out the side, but I would rather have that, then nothing at all. Can't quite believe that Skywatcher don't improve their base. Suppose it is down to cost.
  6. Guys, I just finished modding my base a few weeks ago, check this thread which I posted detailing everything you need + how to do it etc..... http://stargazerslounge.com/discussions-mounts/158264-just-finished-modding-my-dob-base.html
  7. Link has been like that for a couple of weeks now......
  8. Hi. No problem, glad you found the guide usefull. I`m not too sure to be honest. Thats what I thought so that is why I went with the 1 inch ones just to be sure. As you can see from the pictures, still mucked it up and placed them too close to the inside, hence why there are 2 sets of holes . Also with the slide guides, you may have to remove the sticky back film, it was on a soft 2-3 mm base which was too much for my base, so I removed that, cleaned all the glue off the back and then used the washers to get the resistance right and screwed them down rather than sticking them down. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  9. Another vote for the Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas, Roger W. Sinnott. Fantastic.
  10. Nah, the wobble is coming from my unsteady hand turning the focuser knobs. I do not have an issue with the standard focuser, mine is nice and smooth, just my wobbly hand that is causing the issue.
  11. How will that benefit me over the standard focuser with the auto upgrade? It is turning the focuser knobs that is producing the wobble, surley I will still have to turn the knobs on the dual speed? Thanks for the reply though - something else to think about.
  12. Cheers Neil that would be awsome. If you don't mind sticking them up when you have a mo then I can get a feel for the installation before it arrives. Cheers everybody for all your replys, seems like a popular mod for the scope.
  13. I am no expert (having only collimated my scope once since oweing it) but I would guess the more precise the better. I would not worry too much about the distance, by this I mean 15 feet, I would only worry about the distance from the eye peace to the mirror. If you can not tell any movement in your collimator from 2 foot then I would say you are good.
  14. Nice one, thanks for the quick reply, so no issues to report etc? Don't think I will use the connection to the pc, so won't bother with that? What size batteries does it run off, AA or is it a dc/ac electric hook up?
  15. Hi. Found this on FLO, this will solve some of my problems when focusing. First Light Optics - SkyWatcher Auto Focuser Has anybody had one and can they recommend it, or an alternative? Cheers, Daz.
  16. Damn, that gets me every time, I all ways, all ways, all ways fall for that. Really need to look more closely at the original post date!!! But it does beg the question, why reply to such an old thread?
  17. Tyke, if I have chance tonight I will stick up some photos of my 200P with me next to it so you will get some idea of the size. But for now, the tube fits across the back seat of a Vauxhall Astra (just) with the dob base fitting nicely in the boot.
  18. Thanks for the reply, so how far up the scope from the primary mirror end (bottom) would you go and how much opposite the secondry mirror would you use? Or shall I just try and flock as much as I can?
  19. Afternnon all. After a search on this site regarding flocking a company kept coming up called "Lyra Optics" who seem to be an importer for Prostart Flockboard. I understand this does not require glueing or sticking as it moulds itself to the inside of the scope. Now I have no intention to take the scope to bits, so I was just wondering if flocking even two thirds of it would be beneficial, I.e, from the primary mirror as high up as I can without cutting the flockboard? Or would I be best doing that then a small section directly opposite the viewer/secondary mirror? Regards, Darren.
  20. Evening all. As requested here is a break down and pics (hopefully) of what I did to mod my dob base. This is based on my dob base, I do not know if other dob bases differ in size (I`m assuming they do) so you need to take that into account if modding yours. First thing first, below is a shopping list of things you need..... 1. http://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/pro...ducts_id=42341 - This is the 12 inch lazy susan bearing, I went for the 12 inch just to help with weight distribution but to be honest any size will do. This cost a total of £20.22 which was including Royal Mail 1st class delivery and VAT. Fantastic service - ordered at 12:30 on a Monday lunch, arrived at work 9:30 the next morning. 2-3 minutes to set up an account. 2. I found these on Amazon, do a search for slide guides, I used the 1" version but I`m sure the 2" version will be just as good, these set me back £6.97, service was okay, took 3 days to arrive. I beleive you can also get these from B&Q or similar places. 3. Plastic milk bottles - you should need no more than 2. I used the 2 ltr bottles. 4. Screw drivers, pencil, ruler and screws (screws need to fit the holes in the lazy susan bearing and be no bigger then 15-18 mm in length) So the first thing I did was take the base apart, so that you just have the base in front of you. Next, draw a square round the centre hole in your base plate making sure the sides of the square are as close to the centre hole as you can get. (see Fig 1) Next draw 2 straght lines going through each corner of the square right to the very edge of your base plate, so now you have basically divided your base into quarters. Next line the 4 mounting holes on your lazy susan bearing up with the 4 lines you have just drawn. Once all 4 mounting holes have a line through the middle of them then your bearing is correctly in place and in the exact centre. Now screw it down. (see Fig 2 & 3) The next step is to now add your slide guides (see Fig 4) (if even needed) you may be happy with the level of glide provided by the bearing. If not, now line your slide guides up along the 4 lines you have previously drawn. You need to place these as close to the edge as you can. If not, then they will catch on the mount part of your base (the part that holds the scope) stopping the mount from turning. Your base should now look something like Fig 5. You may find that the slide guides do not even touch the top part of the base, if so use your plastic milk cartons to make washers and stack them up under the slide guides screwing them down until the slide guides just touch the top part of the base. (see Fig 6, 7 & 8) Thats it. You may have to keep building and and taking to bits your base until you achieve the correct level of resistance provided by the plastic milk washers but it is worth it in the end. Hope this is enough info for you and you find the guide helpfull. Regards, Daz.
  21. Okay guys, I will get some photos up, I will post the links and exact prices of what I used and a guide of what I did. Will get on this Monday night.
  22. First of all I have to hold my hands up and say a massive thank you to johninderby, without his help and guidence I would never of thought of this mod. I was tired of my dob base being so difficult to move in small amounts, I would completly shoot away from Jupiter (or anything as a matter of fact) while trying to track it, it was starting to get annoying. So with the help of a lazy susan bearing, 4, 1 inch slide guides, some plastic milk bottles (empty) I set about modding my base. Well I have just finished and it is now perfect, the scope now glides around with the slightest movement (but not that slight that it is constantly spinning). I have just been out side to see if I could "track" anything and surprise surprise, cloudy as hell! Roll on another clear night so I can try out my new mod. Can't quite beleive it was so simple to do and only cost about £30 and an hour of my time! Happy days!!!!!!
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