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  1. Yep, thanks to all, a fantastic weekend!
  2. Daz Type-R

    SGL 10 Chatter :)

    I think you will have more of an issue with the great big hill than a tree. You may see some of the eclipse but not all of it from the site, hence why Mark and the mods / admin have booked us in at the alternate viewing site.
  3. Daz Type-R

    SGL 10 Chatter :)

    Will do, the EMS crew are around Kingfisher 2 (that's me) with Sheila over the fence and Dave next to me.
  4. Daz Type-R

    SGL 10 Chatter :)

    Would be good to catch up again Phil, hope you can make it, even for one day.
  5. Hi, Myself, Velvet and Stephen would like to go to the site to view the eclipse, we are not fussed about a tour of the facilities. As mentioned before, big shout out to all who have organised this!
  6. Booked Thursday to Sunday, looking forward to this, fingers crossed the weathers better than last year. I`m taking my dob, as its the only scope I have - lol.
  7. Interesting thread (and nice video), you learn something every day. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  9. Hello and welcome to SGL. Hope you enjoy the forum.
  10. Cheers Mike, it's been down a good 3-4 hrs hours, have messaged Craig but no response yet.
  11. It keeps the FOV when power mated???? I thought it would of reduced it? Hay hoo, live and learn, thanks.
  12. Guys thank you very much for all your replies, certainly has given me something to think about. My other option would be to get a TeleVue 2x PowerMate, that and my 13mm Ethos would give me a 6.5mm ep reducing the AFOV down to 50 degrees (not a problem when using for planetary viewing) and should give me a magnification of 185x, which I will probably use more than those rarer clear nights when 200x mag plus will be possible while still keeping the eye relief. Hmmmm, going to go for a think over this one. Thanks once again.
  13. Would it be too cheeky of me to ask why you got rid of it, did you find anything better?
  14. They come in 2 flavors, if you buy a 200P on a EQ mount as part of a package then the focal length is 1000mm but if you buy the 200P on the Dob base, then they are 1200mm focal length.
  15. Hi all, As the title suggests, what is the best ep for planetary viewing? One stipulation, it has to be Televue! I find the the eye relief on TeleVue ep's to be excellent and is a very big factor for me when choosing ep's. I`ve had ep's in the past where the eye relief was small, it was awful for me. I have been looking at the Delos range, around the 6 to 8mm range, to be used in my F6 reflector. Any other ideas, for planetary use only. Cheers.
  16. WOW, I remember before I purchased all my dew stuff, I was out for only an hour and the secondary dewed up, suppose it's down to local conditions, you live high up???
  17. Hi, see my signature for all my dew kit on my 200P. Like mentioned above, they are all good ideas but I dont want dew ruining what could be a fantastic nights observing, so i went all out and dew protected everything bar the primary (although that has dewed up once before - just as I was packing away one morning.) Some people may say my set up is OTT, but I look at it like this, I have never, ever, had to cut an observing session short due to dew on the optics. I have had 3-4 mm of ice on the OTA, other people have been packing up due to dew, not me, clear as a whistle all night! Hairdriers etc are great, but when in a field at 4 in the morning, finding a 240 volt mains supply could be tricky, also, if in the back garden, if anybody else's hairdriers are anything like my wife's, then is sounds like a 747 taking off, may annoy the neighbours. - lol. Just my 2p's worth.
  18. I did, but as I usually have a red light strapped to my head to read star charts etc, I just thought it would be something else to power.
  19. Eah up from just down the 52, welcome to the forum.
  20. Daz Type-R

    no idea

    Hello and welcome to the forum.
  21. No, not really, I suppose, the smaller the appeture, the harder it will be to find the faint fuzzies, so I would say, it makes more sense to have one on a smaller scope.
  22. Hello and welcome to the forum.
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