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  1. Thanks for all the input and conjecture. It's been marvellous! My only issue with the plane/heli option is that other nav lights I have captured have been a lot brighter and in a regular pattern. Also, in the raw image it's definitely two sepatate lines, not dots. Garry
  2. Steve I think I've submitted it to asronomy.net as well. Not sure - it's quite different from SGL. Garry
  3. Looks like it was the HTV4 and ISS. This was on space.com: http://www.space.com/22251-space-station-htv4-night-sky.html Thanks for your help everyone. Garry
  4. The only cloud is the orange blob on the left of the image so I'm not sure that would account for the colour. However, I have no other explanation. Just pleased to have caught something unusual! Garry
  5. Good spot - it was 23.02 on 12/08/13 which does coincide with the ISS passing over head. Only ever seen the ISS as one single point of light like this: [url="http://www.flickr.com/photos/100428992@N08/9526890574/"][img=http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2845/9526890574_d08e173061.jpg][/url]Garry
  6. Hi Tried capturing some Perseids with out much luck but did capture this. There seems to be two light trails which appear to be separating left to right. They stop at different points but there then seems to be a very faint trail extending from both which slowly fades out. I'm interested to know if anyone has seen this before or can provide some kind of explanation. "> This was captured on an EOS 600D 50 second sub at ISO 800 using BackyardEOS which I left running in the back garden. Garry
  7. Hi Jason Hope you're well. With recent poor skies I've hardly been out at all. Hope to put that right soon if the weather ever improves. Anyway, You can count me in. Garry
  8. Welcome David We're not the most verbose group on SGL as has been pointed out but when the nights start drawing in we'll hopefully be meeting up when the skies are clear. We plan to use some of the grounds surrounding Wrest Park in Silsoe, so hope you can join us. Garry
  9. One of the unused landers is in a museum in Washington. If you've ever seen it you may well question whether the missions took place. Flimsy doesn't cover it at all. And no, I don't adher to the hoax theory!
  10. Hi Hooch Since this group started we've been stymied by the weather and haven't actually managed a proper meet. We've discussed using Wrest Park and this will probably be our main meeting point until someone come up with a better location. I've also been up to Stockgrove Park (in Heath and Reach) a couple of times with binos but they lock the car park quite early and the best position is at the top of a hill with no vehicular access. There are a couple of groups I knbow of: Beds Astro: http://bedsastro.org.uk/ and MK AS which I believe is attached to the OU: www.mkas.org.uk/ Garry
  11. With the nights getting shorter I'm guessing it might be a while. I guess that we could plan something for the perseids in August. I haven't looked that far ahead so don't know the moon phase but when it's clear, I quite enjoy watching the light show. The family quite often sit out with me as well.
  12. How cool is this! APOD: 2012 April 24 - Rosetta Approaches Asteroid Lutitea
  13. Sorry you missed out. At least you got to wave hello to ALF
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