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  1. Have you not got anything you could "prove" the USB Serial connection on so you narrow down the issue ?
  2. hello....welcome. I guess it also depends what you "may" want to do with it in the future....I bouught a Dob first, and ever since Ive had a hankering for Astrophotography, so I guess I probably got it wrong...
  3. You could use a Car cig lighter->usb adaptor, for example this one for 99p delivered! You can take the 5v feed from the two outer pins...
  4. Thanks for the info. I presume there is no EQ3 Syntrek ? (Cant find anything on google...) Also (sorry for the further questioning)...what is the difference between the EQ3, NEQ3, EQ3 pro and EQ3-2 pro ? All the different designations are confusing. Thanks in advance....
  5. Hello. Im interested in purchasing a computerized equatorial mount (something like an EQ3 pro or EQ5), and I'd ideally like to control it using a PC. Firstly, I notice full go-to mounts are pretty expensive. Is there an option of getting something more simple, and using the PC with appropriate software to drive the mount (for example just a motorized mount) ? Secondly, if there is, do I save any significant money by not having the go-to computer on the mount ? and Thirdly, what would be the best software to drive the mount ? Thanks a lot...
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