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  1. I have a finderscope as well, but I find the red dot finder useful for the guidescope as it is quite difficult to look through a finderscope whilst moving the guidescope to a suitable "bright" star - it is quick and I dont have to be too precise. Thanks to Stargazer51 & yesyes for their electronics advice...
  2. Hello. Once again I've gone out for an evenings observing only to find I left my red dot finder on, and the battery is flat. Because it uses a CR2032 3V watch battery, would I be able to convert it to using twin rechargeable AA batteries ? My dismantling and soldering skills are fine, but I know very little about basic electronics. Its only a cheap one, but I don't really want to blow it for the sake of just asking a question on the forums. Thanks in advance...
  3. I have a 12.5" Dob and an Antares 40mm that came in a set. It works fine, but I do find that it is a little pointless - I think your 32mm would probably be more useful.
  4. Because the runners go on the inside, you can put them any distance apart - the height of the casters doesnt matter. Covering boards I would say are required for any RORO. I made my split high up on the shed, under the eaves of the roof, and put up covering boards with silicon sealant to stop ingres behind the board. Only the rear side of the shed is difficult to cover - I put that board on hinges and covered it with felt, and I simply lift the rear board before moving the roof. Cheers
  5. I have a 7x7 pent shed and have used 2 packs of these @ £9.15 for 4. Pictures here. Most people seem to favour steel angle or channel to roll them in, but I found that a simple angle of tanalised wood, screwed and glued, seems to work perfectly. I hope this helps... -------------------- Too slow...snap!
  6. Do you mean you are making a power supply from a PC PSU ? If so this url is very helpful. To get the ~7.5v you can use the +12v as power, and +5v as ground to get the 7v - overclockers often do this in computers to slow fans down to make PC's quieter. I hope this helps...
  7. Excellent...I'd also recommend some Guidescope Rings - useful when there are no bright stars near the imaged object.
  8. When you do the pier itself (as opposed to the block), make sure you have enough concrete left to do it in one go, otherwise you will get a weakness across the pier where the join is. The block isnt so important as most of its job is just to add weight and stability. Again, I would only put the rubble in the block as you could get a weakness in the pier... Cheers
  9. Or use something like the VMWare player to run an XP virtual machine on your Windows 7 box.
  10. Additionally, it seems that this is a fault that other people have seen, and Dell have addressed with a new driver set (here) - even if you re-install it may come back without this new driver set.... Hope this helps...
  11. How about this ? I believe they are the same as the ones I used... Cheers
  12. Im very sorry, missed this first time around, and only noticed it when looking back...Dont know if this is too late, or whether you're still interested, but there are some pic's here Cheers
  13. Thanks I posted the pier dimensions, parts and costs in this SGL post. If you wanted to take a look at my completed pier before you commit your time, efforts and money, I'd happily welcome visitors...just send me a PM. Good luck! Cheers.
  14. Hiya...I went for the air-duct option with "re-bar" concrete reinforcement in the centre... Some pictures here showing how it all worked out... Cheers
  15. Is it likely to be a virus ? Do you access the internet on it ? I often fix lappies for people, and find that heat is often a factor these days. Dust builds up in the processor fan, and the heat can pretty randomly kill the cpu, memory or disk. You can easily rule that out by running something like NHC or Speedfan and keep an eye on the temperature. If it goes much over 60% I would say your machine needs a dust. Usually I open up laptops to do that, but you can simply make sure the lappie is off and find the intake for the fan and vacuum it (get some good suction going)... Also try running it on battery for a while and see if it lasts longer. Most lappies these days turn down the CPU MHZ when running on battery, and so the CPU doesnt get as hot. This will also rule out power issues with the transformer, and will give you some indication of the health of your battery (you should get an hour out of a reasonable battery if you arent running anything)...Hopefully those ideas may give you some insight into the issues....anything more complex than that and it normally means getting out the screwdriver
  16. Air-Duct "jubelee" clips are secure,very strong, and movable... here
  17. Blimey...yeah...googling it, it is pretty old (1998) and quite low res and there is indeed a SCSI interface. However I believe it can run over RS232 serial as well, and that would be much easier (though probably slower) There seems to be a manual here...
  18. How do people keep the waste from freezing up ? Just insulation ? Or yet another port on the dew controller ?
  19. Trouble is that the tube is actually about 14" diameter....but I do like the idea of flowers ;-) Perhaps I should ask my Gran to knit me one :-)
  20. Hello! When I bought my Meade Starfinder 12.5" Dob, it didnt seem to come with an end cap for the scope. Does anyone know where I could purchase such a beastie ? Or does anyone know someone who does vacuum forming of around 14" diameter ? (I have seen a couple of sites who offer vacuum forming, but its usually smaller than that) Cheers.
  21. Ah, now, I have the opposite. Mine annoys me that it is a 12" and weighs a tonne...slightly better now Ive attached wheels.
  22. Mine was wrapped in a blanket to keep away dust and moisture, but because the mirror was the only horizonal surface, I guess thats where it stuck...If the dob is upside down, then the secondary will have (almost) the same issue, thats why I went for the horizonal position.
  23. I left my dob upright in a cupboard for 9 years whilst my young children took up most of my spare time. When I got it out of the cupboard the primary was covered with dust, that over time and well and truely stuck itself on, and I was faced with washing the mirror. From then on I leave it horizontal with the cap on, so even if dust gets in, it will settle on the inside of the tube.
  24. I live near Chard, Somerset and would be interested. I did find CADAS in Crewkerne, but havent had time to contact them yet.
  25. Ive just had delivery of a flat-roofed "Pent" shed - these retailers allow you to specify the dimensions, and also where the door is. I also asked for no windows. Looking at the design of the sides, its going to be very easy to convert the roof to roll. If you have a little more money, you can get pre-converted ones like this and that. I hope this helps..
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